How to Choose the Best Pneumatic Impact Wrench?

Buyer’s Guide

A pneumatic impact wrench is a tool that you should definitely have in your toolbox. Whether you work in a workshop or doing DIY home chores, you tighten or loosen bolts and nuts quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking to buy the best pneumatic impact wrench, the following are some features you should be considering in the product you buy.


A good impact wrench must have substantial torque to help fasten or remove the bolts. The higher the torque, the better functioning the wrench will perform. Therefore while buying the machine, you must look for a wrench that has a torque of at least 150 ft-lbs.


If you plan on working on a task for more extended periods, you might want to consider investing in a lightweight wrench. This will allow you to work without getting your arms sore or without tiring yourself in case of long hours of work. You will be more comfortable while doing your task. Similarly, lightweight tools are easier to carry and hence are more considered to be portable.

Better grip

In order to minimize any mishaps or injuries when using tools like the wrench, always consider the products that have a better grip material. Choosing the product that provides a better grip ensures safe use of the product and makes it comfortable and easy for the user to perform their chores.


A high-speed wrench is usually considered to be better than a lower speed wrench. This can fasten and loosen bolts much quickly and get the job done faster for the user. However, a higher speed negatively impacts the torque and can reduce it in a device.

Therefore, usually, the buyer must decide between torque and speed. Ideally, we consider the torque more important for better performance; hence, you can neglect the speed in this case.

Adjustment of torque

We adjust the pneumatic impact wrench’s torque according to what kind of task is at the hand of the user. Hence you must examine the torque adjustment mechanism of the wrench before you buy the machine. This helps to control the device without causing the bolts to crack.

Impacts per minute

The impact per minute in a pneumatic impact wrench is the number of times the hammer hits the anvil in a minute. Ideally, the more impacts per minute a wrench has, the more it is thought to be efficient. The higher number of impacts per minute ensures the bolts are inserted with more speed and better strength.

Drive size

Every wrench comes with several sized drives meant for different tasks. Mostly the ½ inch drives are sufficient for most tasks. There are others that are smaller in size than this; however, the smaller size negatively impacts the torque; therefore, we mostly prefer the ½ inch drives.


While buying a tool like the pneumatic impact wrench, always look for the brands or models that offer a long time warranty. Most of the market products provide a warranty for 1-2 years, but some offer more or even a lifetime warranty, although that may come at a higher cost.

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