Home Warranty

Why You Should Get a Home Warranty with a New Construction Purchase

Property shoppers who are approaching the major investment of buying a new home need better options for protecting it. Homeowner’s insurance is a must for all home buyers, and it is a requirement listed in their mortgage contract. However, the insurance policy is not enough since there are so many emergencies that could arise.

A home warranty could provide the help the homeowner needs to pay for major repairs and new installations. Even a new home will not be without its issues, and the property owners can purchase the home warranty to get the discounts they need. It will make the requirements more affordable for the new homeowner.

Everything In the Property Is Your Responsibility

When becoming a homeowner, the buyer has the realization that everything in the home is their responsibility. The epiphany leads them to understand that not only will they have to schedule repair services themselves, but they are responsible for the full cost of the repairs.

If they have to replace a system, the home buyer could face excessive costs that they cannot afford. New homeowners can learn more about warranty coverage details and how home warranties help them by contacting a service provider now.

Electrical Issues That Weren’t Found During the Inspection

Even after a property inspection, the new owner may not find all issues immediately. Electrical issues could lead to a failure to supply enough power throughout the property, and the systems could present some serious hazards for the homeowner and their family. A home warranty provides help when the electrical system is not working properly. The home warranty company can provide them with discounts on electrical inspections, repairs, and complete installations.

Sudden Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems present serious issues for new homeowners, too, and all it takes is one broken pipe to cause a major catastrophe. With a new property, the new homeowner doesn’t have to worry about initial plumbing problems but, over time, pipes could burst and cause water damage underneath the property. With a home warranty, the property owner contacts the home warranty company to set up repair or replacement services with a local service provider.

Avoiding the High Cost of Replacing Major Appliances

Major appliances present serious costs if they fail or need repairs. Maintenance services are a must for the appliances, and they must complete the necessary maintenance tasks to avoid serious wear and tear. A home warranty offers access to discounts for servicing, repairs, and complete replacement products.

When buying a new home, the buyer can choose what appliances they want in their new property. However, the contractors cannot guarantee the appliances, and it is not the contractor’s responsibility to maintain or repair the appliances. A home warranty can help the home buyer if the major appliances fail to work or need repairs.

Protection for HVAC Services

Heating and cooling systems are a vital part of living comfortably, and the property owner will need a home warranty to avoid sudden service disturbances. The home warranty provides inspections, repairs, and replacement services for these systems.

The property owner needs seasonal maintenance services to maintain the heating and cooling systems, and these services are necessary according to the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty and the home warranty.

If the systems experience component failures, the property owner can contact the home warranty company to set up repair services. If they need a new system, they will pay a service fee to the home warranty company and get major discounts on the cost of a new unit.

Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover Everything 

The homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover certain installations. It covers property damage that happens because of covered events, and the insurer can limit coverage. The policies cover personal belongings as a collective, and the owner won’t receive the full cost of replacing the items. They will need a rider to get maximum coverage for the items.

A home warranty covers specific installations in the home, and the homeowner can get discounts on repairs and replacement services. It doesn’t require a covered event for the homeowner to get coverage.

Even Brand-New Installations Aren’t Perfect

Some contractors may use inferior building products when constructing the property, and these inferior building materials will not last throughout the contractor’s warranty. Upon discovering these issues, the property owner could get coverage through the home warranty and get these products replaced.

A brand-new home should provide them with a lasting property, and the building materials must be strong and durable. If they suspect that the contractor used inferior products, the property owner can schedule an inspection through their home warranty, and the home warranty would cover a portion of the costs.

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You Can Add All Your Installations

New homeowners can add a variety of installations to their home warranty. They have options when it comes to protecting their investments, and the home warranty doesn’t cover just the basic installations and major appliances. The warranty offers coverage for new installations such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and garages.

When exploring the warranty plans, the property owners can customize their warranty and find better choices to maximize their coverage. If the property owner builds an additional structure on the property such as a guest home or a pool house, they can add it to the home warranty. They can get coverage for exterior kitchens and appliances such as refrigerators and stoves.

Property owners should never buy a new construction blindly, and they will need a complete inspection of the property before they buy. However, unfortunately, the inspection won’t present them with all errors. The buyer won’t find issues with just an inspection. However, by living in the property, the buyer will learn more about issues that could emerge.

With a home warranty, the property owner can get discounts on repairs and replacement services as needed. The warranty offers fast help whenever a problem arises, and the property owner can file a claim whenever they need services. The home warranty company connects them with high-caliber service providers at a great price.