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How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost?

Over the years, ITIL-certified experts have reached the apex in the IT industry. They get higher salaries and remain in demand at all times in the global marketplace. All these reasons promote more candidates to take the exam and become ITIL-certified at the earliest. You can find over 1,500,000 ITIL professionals in the world. So, you can estimate the buzz of ITIL certifications among employees and recruiters.

It’s an excellent plan if you have decided to prepare for the exam and earn the certificate. However, studying for the competitive ITIL exam takes some hard work. You will be eager to take relevant courses to understand the essential concepts. Besides, you will invest in more study materials to grasp the exam syllabus. Overall, the cost of ITIL certification will be higher than what you expect.

How many funds should you set aside for ITIL certification? What’s the cost to schedule an ITIL certification exam? How expensive is the ITIL course? We will answer all such questions below. 

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Effects of ITIL Courses on Your Budget

Many aspirants consider ITIL courses to be expensive and out-of-league. Are these sessions costly? 

Yes, they are somewhat expensive. The marketplaces have two courses: inexpensive sessions with degraded curriculum and pricey ones with all you need to pass the certification exam. So, you can consider the low-budget training to save your expenses, provided they have a comprehensive curriculum. 

Overall, the ITIL courses require some budget allocations. Now, you might be wondering: is it necessary to enroll in an ITIL course?

Let’s find the answers below!

Reasons to Register with an ITIL Course

As you already know, ITIL courses require setting aside some budget. But, can you escape the expenses? Or, more precisely, can you pass ITIL exams without enrolling in a relevant session? Yes, you can! But, the process might be rigorous with lower success rates. 

Experts suggest registering with an ITIL course for sure-shot success in the challenging exam. Are you not sure about enrolling in the courses? Here are some reasons to convince you! 

  • Provides you the proper knowledge

Ensuring that you do not skip any concept for the ITIL exam can be challenging. You must adhere to the syllabus to correctly answer all questions in the exam. However, you can register with a course to cover all topics and gain the proper knowledge. 

  • Hands-on experience

Experienced professionals have the edge over other applicants in the ITIL exam. You can enroll in ITIL courses to gain hands-on experience to understand the concepts more closely and answer the questions correctly. 

  • Mock tests

Another way of preparing for ITIL exams is taking mock tests. The popular ITIL courses offer mock tests to measure your preparedness and strengthen your weak concepts before D-day. 

  • Experienced instructors

The best thing you can access to become successful in ITIL exams is experienced instructors. These professionals can give you excellent tips to clear the exam successfully.

These reasons make ITIL courses an essential requirement to pass the exams. Although you can do it yourself without such sessions, you should stay prepared for threatening obstacles in your ways, like missing out on essential concepts and remarkable tips. 

So, allocate some budget to purchase an excellent ITIL course to speed up your preparation. 

Moving on, let’s analyze the cost required to schedule an ITIL exam. 

It’s time to answer your mainframe question. How much does the ITIL exam cost? What is the price of the ITIL certification exam? 

 Here is the detailed answer. 

ITIL exams have four levels: Foundation, Managing Professional, Strategic Leader, and Master. 

All these levels have different costs and increase as you move towards the top-level exams. The price range of scheduling ITIL exams lies between $150 – $500 (United States). 

Now that you know about the price range of the ITIL exam, it’s time to understand the factors affecting the costs. 

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Factors Affecting the Cost of ITIL Exams

You might encounter different costs for the same ITIL exam many times. It might compel you to think about the reasons behind such differences. 

Many factors affect the cost of ITIL exams. Let’s understand below! You must know all these elements before scheduling an exam for yourself. 

  • Location

ITIL exams have different prices depending on the location. For instance, the Foundation exam costs around $314 in the US. However, the same exam is priced at £269 ($366. 86) in the UK and INR 20,000 ($270.65) in India. So, such differences are expected depending on the geographical regions. 

  • Levels

ITIL exam organizers charge different amounts according to the certification level like any other examination. You already know that ITIL certifications have four levels. The Foundation exam is the most inexpensive one among all phases. As you move up the ladder, the costs will increase depending on the proficiency and exam difficulty.

  • Training Courses

Apart from the scheduling charges, you will invest in relevant courses to prepare for the competitive exam. Typically, a high-quality course will cost around $200 – $1000. So, you must consider the costs to register with an appropriate training session when calculating the total expenses. Also, you can avail of free materials available online for reference when preparing for the challenging exam. 

  • Mock Exams

Although the top-rated ITIL courses encompass mock tests, you might still be interested in purchasing external simulation exams. These are essential to gauge your readiness before taking the actual exam. You can find several affordable mock exams on different course marketplaces. These will also increment the total exam costs. 

All these factors build up your final exam expenses. It might require you to spare some time to collect the funds needed, book a relevant course, prepare well, and pass the exam. You should consider all these elements before preparing for the ITIL exams. 

Overall, ITIL exams will cost you around $500 – $1700, including courses and mock tests. Good luck! You are all set to pass the challenging exam with flying colors once you have enough funds to manage your preparation like a pro.