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Numerology Numbers: What Does Each Number Represent?

Do you consider yourself a lucky person?

Elizabeth Gajecka certainly does. After buying a winning scratch-off ticket, the Florida resident claimed a $5 million reward.

It makes you wonder if numerology lucky numbers had anything to do with Elizabeth’s Good Fortune. Is it possible that winning the lottery was her destiny?

Numerology helps us to explore numbers in an entirely new way. If you want to get up-close-and-personal with the numerology numbers that can make a difference in your life, then this article is for you.

What numbers could help you understand the mysteries of Life? Read on to find out.

Life Path Number

The first numerology numbers you should start learning about are your life path numbers. Working as a core number; your life path number is the most significant in your entire numerology chart.

The life path number will represent the journey that you’re taking, this time around in existence. You’ll get a chance to reveal the person you’re supposed to become while also uncovering the challenges you’re most likely to face.

Truly understanding your life path number means being able to see that things happen for a reason. You’ll be able to move through any situation with a sense of certainty since you know there’s a bigger picture at work.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

How can you find out what your life path number is? Take your birth month and reduce it to single digits. If you were born in December, your birth month would break down to 1+2=3.

You’ll repeat this process for every part of your birthday. Let’s say, for example; you were born on December 12th, 1992. You would have 1+2=3 for the month and again for the day.

The year 1992 breaks down to be; 1+9+9+2=21 and 21 become 2+1=3. Now you should have a reduced number for the month, date, and birth year. In this case, the reduced numbers are 3, 3, 3. Your life path number in this example would be 9. The next step would be to find out what the number 9 means as a life path number. You can check out the number 9, or the number 8 meaning easily online.

Destiny Number

It would help if you also took the time to find out what your destiny number is. Your destiny number is different than your life path since it helps reveal what makes you so unique. Rather than focusing on where you’ll go and the challenges you’ll face physically, destiny is all about the journey you’re taking inside.

Soul Number

Your soul number is going to let you know who you are as a spirit. Your soul number is based on the vowels in your name, and it helps point to the things you value most.

Are you someone who values telling the truth above all else? Is loyalty where your heart lies? Your soul number will help uncover the most profound traits about what makes you the person you are.

Growing With Numerology Numbers

Now you know about your life path, destiny, and soul numerology numbers. Since each set of numbers will depend on who you are, there’s no one-size-fits-all equation. If you’re serious about uncovering the truth numerology can reveal for you, then you’ll need to find out your life path number.

Go ahead and grab a pen and piece of paper right now, and start performing the calculations. Once you’re sure you have an actual life path number, you can find out the meaning it holds. For more tips about life’s big secrets, read another one of our articles.