How I Can Find a Pest Control Service Near Me

There are over 20,000 pest control companies in the US. This would suggest that finding one to work on your property should be easy. However, getting the right one may be harder than you think.

When looking, there are some tips you should follow. If you have been asking, “How do I find a pest control service near me?” we give you our must-know guide below.

1. Are They Licensed?

Every state will have its own regulations regarding pest control licensing. When you find a company you may decide to use, you can check if they are registered on the state website.

Having a license proves they have a degree of standards regarding their work and professionalism.

2. Do They Have a Good Reputation?

It is no use asking the company this themselves, as they are bound to give a positive answer. You will have to do some research into their background. Start by checking with the state regulatory board to see if they have outstanding complaints that have been made against them.

After this, ask friends and family for recommendations. If they have not used the company, they may be able to suggest one they know provides great service.

Finally, take to the internet, looking on Google Business and any trade websites. You should be able to find comments and ratings about the company.

While you don’t have to expect five stars on every review, it should give you enough of an idea to decide if they are worth your time.

3. Are They Confident Discussing the Service Required?

Just like any service, you want reassurance that the company knows what they are doing. If they are not sure of the best course of action or stall when giving answers, they may not have the experience you need. They should be able to provide a clear outline of the plan and process that will take place.

A pest management plan should be provided that includes the type of pest and the best method of dealing with them. After this, details regarding the chosen pesticide are vital. The company should detail any health problems it may cause.

As a result, they may give special instructions. You may have to leave the home for a short period and remove pets or furniture. Some may offer to do a building and pest inspection before work begins.

4. Are They Part of Any Professional Associations?

Professional pest control services have their own associations at the state and national levels. Joining these organizations requires them to have a certain set of standards applied to their work. When they renew their membership, they have to be up to date on current practices and methods.

Being a part of an organization shows that the service has a commitment to excellence. They should be able to answer any questions you have easily and explain the process to you. Pick a company that is not a member and you may get a company that uses outdated methods and equipment.

5. Do They Guarantee Their Work?

All pest control companies should offer to guarantee their work. If not, you could be paying for them to return indefinitely. This also suggests they do not have faith in the job they have done.

It is quite normal for certain stipulations to be in place on your part, to ensure the guarantee. For example, it may be void if you don’t book annual inspections after the initial service. In some cases, doing structural work and renovation to a property can void the guarantee.

One guarantee you should definitely pursue, even if you have to pay, is termite insurance. This is seldom covered under your homeowner’s insurance, meaning you are liable to pay for any recurring problems. Ask a company to not only remove the problem but also to treat the exterior and install baiting systems.

A guarantee will seldom come with a damage clause. If it does, make sure you understand exactly what it covers you for.

6. Do They Have Insurance?

Many states do not have any laws forcing pest control companies to have insurance. However, you should not give serious consideration to any that do not have it. Should anything go wrong, you will be the one that has to pay for damages and possible legal action.

Workers’ compensation insurance should be the first one. This protects their staff if anything happens while they do their job. Should they not have it and someone gets injured while on your property, it is your responsibility.

General liability insurance will cover them for any damages that occur to you or your property when working. This is vital when chemicals and pesticides are being applied in your home or commercial property.

What to Avoid

There are a few signs that your pest control may not be the one for you. You should never feel pressured into signing a contract. If a company is that eager for your business, then they may need it for a reason and could be providing substandard services.

You should also avoid any pest control as part of a package deal, perhaps included in general home repair or landscaping. These companies are usually knowledgeable in a little bit of everything. They won’t have the experience to prevent recurring problems that a dedicated pest control company will have.

Pest Control Service Near Me

Next time you search for a pest control service near me, you will have a much better idea of what you are looking for. Follow your intuition, and if a company does not seem right, look elsewhere. Check reviews and make sure they have the right documentation in place.

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