How does a local courier company benefit your eCommerce warehouse logistics!

Online shopping has been steadily growing over the past decade, forcing brick and mortar stores to compete a little harder for in-store sales. Even with the increase in popularity, not every shopper is convinced to buy online. Believe it or not, shipping plays a significant role in whether or not shoppers will purchase items from an e-commerce website.

When businesses store and ship their products as an eCommerce Warehouse Logistics San Diego, the goal is to optimize their products and processes for ease of use and maximum efficiency.

A Big Chunk of Shoppers Hates Paying Shipping Charges

When customers shop in a physical store, they expect to pay the marked price, but that’s not always the case when they shop online. Many will add items to their cart, get ready to check out, and leave before buying anything because of the shipping cost. While offering free shipping would help with sales, it is the biggest expense e-commerce stores face, making it difficult to eat the cost.

  • They are often unexpected because the shipping cost doesn’t show up until the end of the transaction.
  • Shipping giants, like Amazon, offer free shipping on most purchases to prime members.
  • They don’t value shipping or recognize that it saves them time and gas to travel to a store.

Minimize Abandoned Carts with Affordable eCommerce Warehouse Management

Here are some steps – along with Courier Delivery Services San Diego – e-commerce stores can take to minimize abandoned carts due to shipping costs.

Be upfront about shipping costs.

Depending on your website, there are two ways you can notify customers of shipping rates. You can display shipping costs with each product or add them immediately to the cart once a product is added. When customers know what to expect, they are less likely to abandon their cart.

Advertise a low, flat-rate shipping fee.

Another way to be upfront about shipping costs is to advertise a low, flat rate shipping fee. For instance, if your e-commerce store sets a shipping rate of $8 and promotes it the right way, many shoppers could see it as a bargain, especially if they plan to spend over a hundred dollars.

Offer free shipping with a defined sales threshold.

Offering free shipping once a shopper spends a certain amount is a great way to convince them to buy more. Plus, the more they spend, the less likely you will lose money on offering free shipping.

Pick and Pack Methods to Drive Efficiency for eCommerce Warehouse

Often, e-commerce stores think there are limited shipping options. Local courier services can save you money on local deliveries, and many times, deliver them even quicker than large shipping companies.

Here are some of the more common pick and pack processes for your eCommerce warehouse logistics:

Piece Picking

When operations are still small, piece picking is typically the most common and efficient pick and pack process. Many businesses may be employing the piece picking process without even knowing what the term pick and pack even means.

For the business receiving your order, if they are only ordering small orders such as a single tool or piece of equipment, piece picking will be optimal for them. It’s only once many items need pulling that piece picking may delay the delivery getting to its end destination and disrupting the timing for that client.

Batch Picking

As sales grow and more types of inventory are included in the warehouse, batch picking may start to make sense. Rather than jump into action the moment a single order is placed, batch picking involves waiting and anticipating that more orders for that product are likely to come in.

This batch picking process minimizes the amount of back and forth, searching, and other inefficiencies that come into play. Suppose the orders into your warehousing will fulfill a more extensive inventory stock for the end client, such as ordering several dozen of a single product. In that case, the batch picking process will help provide efficiency in service to them.

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Zone Picking

As an e-commerce business grows, more complex operations may be suitable for efficiency and accuracy. As orders come in, the worker in a given location will fill up a set of boxes with all necessary products from their zone and then send those boxes to the next warehouse area, where a separate worker will do the same.

Processing, packaging, and delivering your goods to your final customers is a critical aspect of the e-commerce business, and it’s one you can’t afford to get wrong.