Top 4 Ways To Improve Productivity For Your Business

Top 4 Ways To Improve Productivity For Your Business

Now, more than ever, businesses across the various industries are searching for affordable and prosperous ways to increase their overall productivity levels and substantially increase their cash flow.

Here are four ways to do just that for your own business, whether you are the company owner or a dedicated manager.

1. Outsource Your Warehouse Management

Whether you are currently experiencing a considerably lower than expected warehouse productivity level, a poorer standard in the quality of your products, a worrying lapse in the delivery of your stock in a timely fashion and efficient manner or a general mismanagement of quantities of different stock items, plant warehouse management can significantly improve all areas of your company’s production model using the Lean philosophy.

Depending on the company you ultimately decide on to handle your warehouse productivity management, the practical application of the Lean philosophy will understandably vary considerably, however each consultancy business tends to follow a similar, five-step process when applying the lean tools and techniques to a business.

  • Understanding the Current State of Your Business
  • Identifying all Steps in Your Business that Fail to Add Value
  • Determining How to Eliminate Those Steps
  • Creating the Future State of Your Business
  • Building a Sustainment Plan for Your Improved Business to Move Forward

2. Provide Correct Equipment and Tools

It is entirely unrealistic and frankly wholly counter-productive to consistently push your employees to be more productive if you have failed in your duty to provide the correct equipment and tools in order for them to carry out their tasks quickly and effectively. It will simply destroy morale and result in high staff turnover.

Ensure all your company’s tools, technology and equipment are as up-to-date, innovative and modern as possible. This will inevitably and quite naturally increase the overall productivity of your business as a whole.

3. Look After Your Employee’s Mental Wellbeing

In the wake of the 2020 worldwide coronavirus pandemic, the extreme importance of looking after every single one of your employee’s mental health and wellbeing is even more paramount and should be considered a top priority if it wasn’t before.

Mental health is becoming an increasingly serious and tragically overlooked issue in the workplace and it is your moral and legal duty and responsibility to ensure you are as in touch and on top of how every individual is feeling in the workplace as possible. There is a plethora of effective ways to support mental health in the workplace which include encouraging open and honest communication, both from yourself and between co-workers, building a workplace culture of connection and empathy and, where possible, offering flexible working hours and the option to work from home if feasible.

4. Get Stuck In Yourself

Every successful business manager knows and understands the importance of effectively and regularly involving themselves in the day-to-day running of their company. Never be afraid to assist when a particular department is short-staffed and essentially never ask one of the members of your workforce to embark on a task that you would not feel comfortable undertaking yourself.