How CBD Can Help With Complex Health Issues

How CBD Can Help With Complex Health Issues

You may be familiar with CBD products as they are becoming more widely available in pharmacies and health stores across the country. These products can range from oils to capsules to creams and boast a range of benefits when it comes to treating many different types of health issues which we’ll explore in more depth below.

CBD is an all-natural alternative to traditional medicine and can help to relieve pain effectively. Before you try a new CBD product, you should always check that your products are lab-tested and are sold by a reputable company, such as Zeal CBD. Here are a few ways in which CBD can be used to treat complex health issues.


One of the main reasons that CBD products are becoming a more popular way to treat aches and pains, is because of their anti-inflammatory properties. By taking CBD in whichever form, you can help to reduce inflammation that you may be suffering in your joints, or internally with IBS for example. By reducing the inflammation in your body, you can help to boost your overall health and vitality. CBD can be used to treat inflammation, which means that you can avoid any side effects from traditional medication. Whilst CBD does not present obvious side effects, if you suffer from chronic or long-term pain, you should always consult with your doctor before beginning to take CBD, especially if you’re doing so alongside medication.


Because of CBDs anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used to help treat diseases such as arthritis. Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis both cause inflammation of the joints, whether that’s due to wear and tear over time or because of an autoimmune disorder. Arthritis causes degeneration and destruction of the joints and can cause debilitating pain. Using a low dose of CBD oil or capsules can help to reduce joint inflammation. If you choose to use oil to help with your arthritis pain, you should start with a low dose and work your way up to the dose that you think benefits you and your individual level of pain. The use of CBD products when treating arthritis means you can reduce the level of chronic pain that you are experiencing.


It’s not just inflammation in the joints that CBD can aid. IBS can be debilitating for anyone that suffers from it and is also particularly difficult to treat. It is a long-term gastrointestinal disorder that can cause discomfort and can be brought on by different factors. If you suffer from IBS, you could choose a CBD product to help reduce your symptoms. CBD is an effective painkiller so can reduce the pain caused in the stomach that we associate closely with IBS. It also promotes muscle relaxation, which can help to reduce the feeling of tightness. Because of CBDs calming effects, your immune system will become relaxed and the swelling in your internal organs will subside. CBD can be taken discreetly and easily so it’s there when you need relief the most.


One of the major health issues that CBD is being more widely recognised to help with is seizures. CBD products can help reduce electrical discharges in the brain that commonly result in violent shaking. CBD is perfectly safe to use to help with seizures if you choose to purchase it from a trusted brand. There is no correct CBD dosage that you should follow to treat your seizures, it is a balancing act but one that is worth experimenting with. Although CBD is recognised as a natural and safe alternative to traditional medicine, if you are taking medication for seizures, running your intentions past your doctor first can be helpful.

Heart health

Having a healthy heart is something that we should all be striving for. Something that you may not be familiar with is that CBD products can help with heart health! CBD reduces stress and anxiety and therefore, reduces blood pressure. High blood pressure can result in a heart attack or stroke, so the use of CBD to widen your blood vessels can help to prevent either of these from happening. CBD is also helpful if you have palpitations or an irregular heartbeat. It helps to suppress palpitations caused by the insufficient blood supply.

CBD comes in many different forms with something to suit all ailments. It can have many positive effects when it comes to soothing aches and pains, both internally and externally. CBD is safe to use but reading reviews if you’re buying from a brand or company that you’ve never used before can ensure that you’re purchasing a high-quality product.