He’s appealing his convictions for killing his wife, three kids, and dog in their Disney-area house.

According to the prosecution, Anthony Todt was allegedly living with the corpses of his wife, children, and even his dog for at least a week before they were discovered.

Over two years have passed since a Florida man was found guilty of murdering his wife, three small children, and the family dog at a rented home where they were staying at the time.


Authorities say it took at least a week before the FBI and Osceola County detectives arrived at Anthony Todt’s home in Celebration, Florida, a Disney-designed community just outside of Orlando.

According to law authorities, Todt’s physical therapy practice in Connecticut was the subject of a federal search warrant in connection with an unrelated investigation of alleged health care fraud. The out-of-state family of Todt, who had been unable to contact them, also called the police in the area.