Health benefits with cryotherapy chamber

Health benefits with cryotherapy chamber

In simple terms, cryotherapy can be described as “cold therapy” for your skin and body. Whole-body therapy is one of the most common types of cryotherapy that involves exposing your entire body to temperatures that range between -100°C and -160°C for unique therapeutic purposes. This procedure usually takes place in a unique chamber referred to as the cryo chamber. So, what happens when you step into that chamber to undergo the “cold therapy?”

How cryotherapy chamber works

When you step into the cryotherapy chamber Cryo Chamber Near Me

, your body undergoes some sort of transformation. When you step into the chamber, the temperatures drop drastically to unimaginable lows for a few minutes. However, the treatment and recovery process is quite straightforward.

When you step into the cryo chamber, the temperatures drop to as low as -160°c  using our hybrid system combining the cooling power of liquid nitrogen and electricity. Once the temperature drops, you are expected to remain in the chamber for at least three minutes before you step out. Scientifically, this is a concentrated and localized treatment method that is quite effective and more comfortable than jumping into an ice bath.

Once you step inside the chamber, the dry cold penetrates through your skin causing your body temperature sensors to send a quick signal to your brain which triggers a fight or flight response.

Blood Flow 

When your brain sensors sense the extreme cold, it causes blood to flow to the torso to insulate and protect all the vital body organs. Once you step out of the chamber, a lot of oxygenated blood starts to rush to the body organs which helps with the healing process. In theory, this makes sense, and that is what most people believe that happens.

Although this recovery method is still relatively new in the UK, it has been in use since the 1970s in Japan. Some people who suffer from severe joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and even depression claim that whole body cryotherapy help in alleviating their symptoms.

Athletes also claim that cryotherapy helps to improve their performance since it speeds up muscle recovery. Various studies have also proved that cryotherapy has an overall positive effect on soft body tissues and tends to slow down muscle soreness.

Pain Relief And Muscle Healing

Cryotherapy is an excellent treatment for muscle and joint disorders, muscle pain, and arthritis. Many sports athletes use it to heal quicker from athletic injuries. Before cryotherapy, doctors would recommend using ice packs to increase blood circulation after an injury.   Research also showed evidence using cryotherapy provides pain relief in conjunction with ice pack treatment, reduced the effects of intense exercise, relieving muscle pain, and sped up the healing process. Cryo Chamber Near Me

Reduces Inflammation

When the immune system becomes overly reactive, it will result in inflammation, and chronic inflammation causes health problems including dementia, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and depression. Reducing inflammation in the body could reduce an individual’s risk of chronic ailments and improve their overall health. NFL and NBA athletes have used cryotherapy for decades to decrease pain and inflammation, as it prompts anti-inflammatory norepinephrine release that reduces inflammation short term. A cryotherapy treatment of just three minutes will strengthen an individual’s immune system by increasing immune cells and white blood cells. A robust bodily system will fight off tumors, kill potential viruses, and possibly lower the risk of cancer.