Private garden in the evening, illuminated by lamps

Guide to Exploring Indoor and Outdoor Alternative Lighting

Natural sunlight has proven benefits, like stress reduction, fewer health risks, and a better mood. However, when you can’t depend on the sun, you must rely on artificial light, especially at night.

Lamps and string lights won’t deliver a boost of vitamin D, but they can uplift your spirits, creativity, and focus. Artificial lighting also mimics natural light to improve productivity.

You don’t have to stick to everyday lamps nor glaring fluorescent lights, either. Discover creative and comfortable alternative lighting tips below!

Glowing Lanterns

Lanterns add a touch of magic to indoor and outdoor spaces. They also work with several designs, including Victorian, mid-century, modern, rustic, and zen-style homes.

Today’s lanterns don’t require oil unless you want a truly authentic vibe. Otherwise, you can buy electric versions of vintage-style lanterns, including paper lantern string lights.

Popular lantern styles include:

  • Antique iron lanterns
  • Colorful (and patterned) paper lanterns
  • Frosted lanterns
  • Wall lanterns
  • Pole lanterns
  • Lamppost-style lanterns
  • Minimalist lanterns
  • Jack-o-lanterns!
  • Solar garden lanterns

Lanterns accent patios, outdoor parties, and yard decor, creating a pleasant glow. They also work perfectly as porch lights.

Tiki torches are a comparable lantern alternative, battery-operated votive lights too.

Light Up the Night With Neon

Neon signs feel inherently nostalgic, emanating a late-night vibe.

Neon signs are closely associated with 24-hour corner stores and diners. Yet, they lend a unique quality to interior and backyard decor.

For example, you could install a cool neon sign in your game room, home bar, or 80s-inspired bedroom. If you’re hosting a party in your backyard, a neon “Happy Birthday” sign won’t go unnoticed.

You could even incorporate retail neon signs into your decor. Install a retro “open 24 hours” sign above your coffee area to create a mini coffee station in your home. Neon signs complement other memorabilia decor, like jukeboxes, vintage posters, and records.

Hands-Free Alternative Lighting

Remember the days of the clap-on, clap-off light?

You can still buy this vintage classic. What’s more, you can pair it with motion sensor lights to enhance your hands-free lighting experience.

Go even further with smart lighting!

Smart lights also have motion sensors, including programmable lighting schedules to conserve energy. Plus, you can reprogram the schedule remotely from your mobile device.

Yes, you can finally take a spontaneous trip without fretting about leaving the lights on!

Smart lights are also adjustable, perfect for ambient lighting on self-care days.

Remote lighting control enhances home security, too. If you see something suspicious on your smart security system, power on your lights remotely for peace of mind.

Shine On

Alternative lighting is versatile, allowing more creative choices for decor, party planning, home offices, and more. Make the most of daylight to enjoy the best of both worlds too.

Start envisioning your lighting scheme. How can you leverage lanterns, neon signs, and hand-free lights in your interior design?

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