GoldenFex – a new star among brokerages

Since the year 2020, we have had many new starts among brokerages, and GoldenFex is among them. Let’s see its main perks when it comes to trading online.

Variety of trading account types

As one of its main advantages, we outline the variety of trading account types. There are five options: Mini, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and the VIP option. Of course, these have been conceptualized depending on the trader’s expertise, and deposit amount. Also, accordingly they offer different trading features such as accelerated or highest priority withdrawal, welcome bonuses up to 120 percent, educational and analytical materials, quarterly or annual trading plan, and many more. When it comes to the many trading features associated with various trading accounts, the best way to check them is by reading the GoldenFex review.

Other perks of using GoldenFex brokerage trading platform

With the sum of as much as $250, anyone can start trading on the Goldenfex trading platform. It’s a really modest sum coupled with other perks. These are the flexibility of the trading process and the availability of the advanced trading features offered by this platform.

Goldenfex operates on MT4 trading software, which guarantees a smooth, efficient trading process. MT4 is the benchmark trading software, especially when it comes to currency trading. It offers unparalleled technical and fundamental analysis features as well as other benefits for retail investors. The investors can benefit from the mobile trading version of the platform with all the functionalities included as for the desktop version.

Their round-the-clock availability effectively covers the client support of GoldenFex brokerage service via the telephone number or email. The customer support agents are efficient and ready to assist you in any kind of issue related to your trading account.

What is very important is that this company transparently communicates all the contact details. Many new emerging trading platforms often miss to transparently disclose even the basic info. But we can see that the firm is located in Saint Vincent and Grenadines and is reachable via email and telephone numbers showcased on their website.

Foreign currency trading is at the core of the GoldenFex company business. However, the investors without the bigger appetites can benefit from other financial markets and the assets, which are really great once you decide to diversify your investment.

As a new start among the brokers, it will probably have its ups and downs depending, of course, on the overall trading experience it offers. In general, GoldenFex always goes the extra mile in all areas of business and the trading process.

User-friendly website design

A trading platform that is easy to navigate, even for rookie traders, is very important. And that’s exactly what GoldenFex web designers had in mind when they worked hard on developing this trading platform. It also means they pay great attention to the customer experience and are willing to go the extra mile to attract and retain the customers.

Goldenfex is still finding its place on the market

Like many new players on the market, Goldenfex is still finding its place on the market. However, regardless of its freshness and the fact it is operating only a couple of months, it is a good trading platform, according to many traders. Like every new brokerage firm, GoldenFex is under the highest scrutiny of regulatory bodies. And will take some time till it gets its place among the most reputable brokers. From an overall point of view, the platform has great potential to become a great trading intermediary. So far, it succeeds in covering all necessary aspects of good trading and business practice. And there is no reason to continue doing it so.