Fox News Today: Concierge convicted of murdering Boston doctors in penthouse caused scene in court

Fox News Today: Concierge convicted of murdering Boston doctors in penthouse caused scene in court

Fox News Today:

The Boston concierge who was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder on Tuesday had two court outbursts where he threatened the life of the prosecutor’s wife and threatened to share the last words of one of his victims, a report said.

Bampumim Teixeira, 33, was convicted of killing Dr. Lina Bolanos and her fiance, Dr. Richard Field. The two Boston anesthesiologists were found dead in their penthouse in handcuffs in May 2017. Their throats were slit.

Teixeria was physically removed from the courtroom twice. He threatened the prosector’s wife and then, upon his return, shouted out a second time about the death of his victim. “Want to know his last words?” he yelled, referring to Dr. Field.

“A dozen officers hauled him away,” one reporter tweeted. “The doctor’s family is sobbing. Recess now, we are waiting for jury to arrive with verdict.”

Teixeria initially claimed he was in the building because he was having an affair with Bolanos. He said Field came home and snapped into a jealous rage before killing Bolanos, after discovering the two had been cheating behind his back. Teixeria then killed Field in self-defense, he claimed.

Prosecutors refuted this theory and accused Teixeria of using his knowledge as a former concierge in the building, to track the couple’s movements and gain entry into their apartment.

Jurors sided with the prosecution and delivered a prompt guilty verdict, the day after they had begun deliberations. The jury also found Teixeria guilty of home invasion, armed robbery and kidnapping, according to The Boston Globe.


Field had arrived home an hour and a half after his fiancee and sent a text message to a friend saying there was a “gunman in the house,” but was unable to call for help in time.

After police arrived, they opened fire on Teixeria, who was wounded in the hand, leg and abdomen before being taken into custody. When he was interviewed the next day, Teixeria claimed he was involved in a two-month-long affair with Bolanos, and alleged that she was being physically abused by Field.

Local reports said Teixeira told police he was wearing gloves because he was cold, and that he had about $850 to $900 in cash on him because he was homeless and staying at a shelter.

On Thursday, medical examiner Dr. Richard Atkinson testified that the blood of the victims was found on several pieces of evidence and said Field was stabbed on the right side of his neck, while Bolanos had 24 sharp-force injuries on her neck and jugular vein.

Teixeria is reportedly scheduled to be sentenced on Friday in Suffolk Superior Court.

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