Few Tips To Wear The Gemstone For Good Health

Few Tips To Wear The Gemstone For Good Health

Health is everybody’s top priority. It is said “health is wealth,” and there is nothing more true than this. With COVID-19 attacking people worldwide, people are doing everything in their power to take control of their immune systems and respond strongly to this deadly virus. Alas, how many lives this virus has taken.

Good health is limited to the food you take, but it also has to do with overall well-being, which involves physical and mental wellness. How well your body and mind interact with each other, contribute to good health. But what really ties the knot between your body and mind? – your souls! So it is safe to say, great sync between body, mind, and soul makes up for your good health. If good food feeds the body and good thoughts feed the mind, then what does feed the soul? – Vibrations! Our souls respond to vibrations around us. High or low vibrations impact our energy levels and leverage good food and positive thoughts.

Feeding good vibrations with gemstones

Gemstones or crystals that occur naturally under the surface of the earth carry immense power in them to elevate our vibrations. Therefore, these beautiful crystal stones are often used in reiki healing. Gemstones correspond to various aspects of us humans – our seven chakras, characteristics, zodiac signs, and other aspects. Most importantly, our seven chakras, namely, crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar, sacral, and root chakra, are responsible for the proper functioning of our bodies. If someone is experiencing a chronic disease or a health issue, it is probably due to a set of uncleansed chakra. Here, one needs to figure out the problem chakras and work with crystals to cleanse and heal oneself. Today, we will talk about some crystals you can work with to heal and cleanse yourself, basis chakras.

Crown chakra

Crown chakra is related to your spiritual connection with yourself and the universe. It can be blocked if you feel aimless and lonely. One will find himself or herself more attached to materialistic things and will be less considerate of others’ feelings and ideas. This is also accompanied with frequent headaches and migraine pains.

To clean or unblock crown chakra, you can work with crystals such as Diamond, Amethyst, Clear Quartz or Gold.

Third eye chakra

Located between your eyes and in the middle of the forehead, the third eye chakra is responsible for your gut instincts. Have you ever found yourself in a position where you know something will happen exactly the way you thought? Well, thank your third eye for that. But if you find yourself struggling with making decisions, uninspired, over-imaginative or you have frequent brain fog, then it indicates your third eye chakra is blocked. This is also followed by physical pain in your head and brow area.

To unblock your third eye chakra, you need to work with Lapis Lazuli, Purple fluorite, or Amethyst.

Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra is responsible for your speech and communication abilities. As the name suggests, this chakra rests in your throat. If your throat chakra is blocked you will experience uninspired to share your opinion. You will shy away from saying what you think and normally just agree with everyone else in the room. You will also fear of not saying things that can potentially hurt or offend someone. Other symptoms also involve throat pain, stiffness in the neck, habit of teeth grinding, jaw pain, etc.

You can use crystals or gemstones such as Azurite, Aquamarine and Turquoise to clean your throat chakra.

Heart Chakra

Located in the center of the chest, near to your heart, heart chakra is responsible for love, self-love, compassion, and kindness. If your heart chakra is blocked, it will lead you to continue life with less emotional intelligence. You will not be able to connect with the emotions of others. In fact, you may also blame yourself a lot for everything wrong. Lack of self-love is widely evident. Holding grudges against people, plotting revenge against them is pretty common too. Physical problems such as asthma and various types of allergies are a result of the elongated blocked heart chakra.

To help yourself with cleansed heart chakra, you can work with crystals such as malachite, Emerald, and Pink Quartz.

To help yourself with cleansed heart chakra, you can work with crystals such as malachite, Emerald, and Pink Quartz.

Solar Pelux Chakra

This chakra controls your level of confidence and self-esteem. If blocked, you will find yourself as a victim of every situation. Meaning you will often blame others for doing wrong to you. You will often handover your happiness or power in the hands of others and then make them feel responsible for making you feel bad. Committing to goals or plans will seem difficult, and you will be more of an egoistic personality. The physical symptoms of blocked Solar Pelux Chakra is digestive issues, abdominal pains, and stomach pains.

A blocked Solar Pelux Chakra can be treated with Yellow Citrine, Chrysoberyl, and Gloden Rutilated Quartz.

Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra is associated with one’s sexual and creative energy. It is situated right below the belly button. It also plays some role in understanding the emotions of others. If blocked, you will either will be choking up with emotions easily or a total lack of it in various situations. It will also cause trouble in your sexual or creative life. It will be easy for you to pick flaws within yourself. Intimacy will scare you, and at the same time, your imagination will be off. This is often followed by physical symptoms of pain in the lower back and hip mobility issues.

Sacral Chakra can be cleansed with help from Citrine, Carnelian, and Silver Rutilated Quartz.

Root Chakra

Located at the base of your spine, it gives you the will and power to withstand the challenges of life. It helps you feel grounded and offers you to feel secure. If this chakra is blocked, you will feel inflexible or sluggish, constantly stressed. Life, in general, will seem chaotic and unsettled. You will constantly question your life purpose. Physical symptoms include pain in the legs or feet.

You can unblock root chakra with help from Fire Agate, Tiger’s Eye, and Hematite.

Bonus information: Some other crystals or gem stones for good health are Aqua Aura, Aventurine, Labradorite, Pyrite, Roze Quartz, Bloodstone, and some more.

Working with crystals

You can meditate with them, keep them at your work desk or wear them as a piece of jewelry. If you decide to wear them as jewelry, ensure you combine them with either gold or silver for the best results.

Buying gemstones online

Today, you can source any gemstone from anywhere via the internet. There many trusted online platforms such as GemPundit.com and similar offering a vast choice of gemstones. The great news is that they also offer a certificate of authenticity for the gemstones you wish to buy. Do note that if the website is not offering any supporting document to prove the gemstone’s authenticity, they are trying to scam you with your money. Buy gemstones online only from trusted websites such as GemPundit.com. There are more websites too. You can also buy gemstone jewelry online from these websites at amazing prices.

We hope this article has helped you and you will take the necessary steps to improve your health.

Happy shopping!