Beginners Guide: 4 Types of Vape Devices to Choose From

Beginners Guide: 4 Types of Vape Devices to Choose From

Did you know that it is estimated that almost 55 million adults will vape this year? If you are about to join this statistic but are feeling a bit overwhelmed about all the types of vapes, you are in the right place. We have put together this short guide to share more about the vape devices available when you go shopping for your vape gear.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of vaping options.

  1. Vape Pen

This type of vape device is pretty popular because of its powerful battery capacity. A vape pen option is larger than a cig-a-like pen and because of its battery, you are able to create huge clouds. If you are looking for something portable and discreet then this is a great option.

Some vape pens you can click a button and hold while you draw when using it or others are activated when you draw on their tip with your mouth. Here are some of the best e liquid options to choose from.

  1. Vape Mod

Vape mods are also known as modified e-cigarettes. Originally the designers of vape mods borrowed the idea from vapers that were modifying flashlights in order to make vaping accessories that were giving out huge clouds.

Vaping fans like to experiment with modifying different accessories to experience a more advanced vaping experience. A vape mod is available in different designs, colors, and shapes and is perfect for anyone looking to make large powerful clouds every time they take a puff.

  1. Pod Vapes

These vape pods have a small pod that is filled with nicotine e-liquid vape juice that goes into a battery. The battery is a smaller sleek design that you can either refill yourself or buy pre-filled. For some of the newer pod vapes, you have to press a power button when using it while older ones are automatic.

  1. Disposable Vapes

These are usually the first vape experience that smokers turn to when they quit smoking cigarettes. They are smaller and tend to mimic the size of traditional cigarettes and most of them look just like a cigarette.

Disposable vapes have a small pre-filled reservoir with vape juice and a self-contained battery. When you are new to the world of vaping this is one of the easiest devices to start with because you simply open the package and start using it.

Which of These Vape Devices Will You Choose?

Now that you are familiar with the different types of vape devices, we hope you are feeling a bit less confused when you are out shopping for your vaping kit. If you feel more comfortable seeing vape devices in person we recommend heading to a local vape shop to get a feel for how big the vape device is.

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