Errant driver arrested four times in Citi TV’s War Against Indiscipline campaign

Hamda Adiza Hajj has gone down the record books of Citi TV’s War Against Indiscipline (WAI) campaign as the only errant driver to be arrested for the fourth time on the same stretch.

Nicknamed by the #WAI team as “Hajia,” Hamda Adiza Hajj protested her arrest for driving on the shoulders of the GIMPA link road towards the Legon bypass, arguing that she was not the only one driving on the shoulder of the road.

Hajia was arrested the fourth time today, Tuesday, January 21, 2020, after she was nabbed committing similar offences in 2019.

Coming close to her record on the same stretch is a government registered Nissan Patrol Vehicle with a staff of government of Ghana occupant arrested for the third time for driving against oncoming traffic.

Citi News’ Caleb Kudah reports that other drivers were seen in luxurious cars like Toyota Land Cruisers, Mercedes Benzs, a Range Rover, salon cars and a mini public transport bus popularly know as trotro.

Hajia and her fellow errant drivers will be arraigned.