Elizabeth Warren under fire for saying she accepted broke college student's 'last few dollars' for her campaign

Elizabeth Warren under fire for saying she accepted broke college student’s ‘last few dollars’ for her campaign

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., is facing backlash over a story she told where she said she accepted a campaign contribution from a college student who only had “$6” in her bank account.

Appearing on MSNBC following her devastating fourth-place primary finish in her neighboring state of New Hampshire on Tuesday, she was asked about whether she was confident that there would be “some kind of coalescing” around one candidate following Super Tuesday in order to prevent a “bitter” brokered convention.

Warren responded by saying she was “concerned” but pointed to the “so many people who are in this fight,” citing one of her own supporters who she met in the selfie line at her New Hampshire event.

“A young woman came up by herself and said, ‘I’m a broke college student, with a lot of student loan debt.’ And she said, ‘I checked and I have six dollars in the bank. So I just gave three dollars to keep you in this fight,'” Warren recalled.

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She continued, “That’s what we gotta do. We’ve gotta stay in this fight with people who are counting on us. This isn’t about fighting other Democrats. This is about fighting for the America we believe in.

Warren, who shared the clip on her Twitter page in hopes of promoting her campaign, was lambasted for accepting the broke college student’s contribution.

“Elect me, and I’ll take your last few dollars, too!” Grabien founder and news editor Tom Elliott quipped.

“Warren is worth ~$12M. Probably should’ve given back that $3 to the broke student who handed over 50% of her savings,” Washington Examiner columnist T. Becket Adams reacted.

“Couldn’t Liz give her back the $3 and then give her another $6 so she’d have double her money?” Human Events managing editor Ian Miles Cheong asked.

“Lmao man you let her????” Twitter user Comfortably Smug exclaimed.

Warren walked away from the New Hampshire primary without have earned any delegates as her 9 percent of the vote fell short of the 15 percent threshold to get any share of delegates. Also falling short on Tuesday night was former Vice President Joe Biden, who left the state for South Carolina hours before the results began to emerge.