What is it Like Living in Buckeye: All About this Popular City in Arizona

What is it Like Living in Buckeye: All About this Popular City in Arizona

The city of Buckeye is in Maricopa County, Arizona in the United States of America. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and the population was approximately 79,000 people with a growth rate of around eight percent in 2019.

We all desire to live in a progressive town that offers some of the best amenities in the community. Buckeye is evolving to be this kind of destination in the suburbs. The city started in 1877 when Thomas Clanton relocated there with ten children, six men and three women from Iowa.

However, the city was first named Sidney in 1888 before being named Buckeye. The name originated from a canal that was developed from 1884 to 1886, which was on Monroe Avenue in the downtown area. The city also constitutes the Buckeye Valley.

Great Housing Options

According to research, it is comparatively cheaper to live in Buckeye than in some cities in the United States.

Comparison with LA

Although homeowners are increasing the home price in suburban areas like Buckeye, it is comparatively lower than in LA, where it costs approximately 650,000 dollars to purchase a house. Houses in the city are costly because of the high demand in the area.

Comparison with New York

New York is one of the most expensive cities to live in the US. Houses in the city are much more expensive when you compare them to Buckeye. An average house costs approximately 2,425 dollars for a house that goes for 1,969 dollars in LA.

Comparison with Austin, Texas

In Austin, Texas, the cost of living is cheaper as compared to LA and New York. However, house prices in Buckeye are lower as compared to the rest of these cities. Averagely, it will cost you 465,000 dollars to purchase a home in Austin. The advantage of the state of Texas is that the property tax rate is lower as compared to others. In Buckeye, it is approximately 409,000 dollars to purchase a home.

Convenient Highway Access and Transportation

The residents of Buckeye are lucky because the city is in a convenient area where transport and commuting are not complicated. People in this area can use Loop 303 and Interstate 10 for simple mobility.

The Loop 303

Arizona State Route 303 is a freeway in the Phoenix Metropolitan locale. It serves the northern part of the area, and it is approximately 56.73 kilometers long. Although Arizona state partially opened it, it is still under construction until 2030. In October 2017 the State of Arizona opened all four ramps connected to Loop 303 and Interstate 10.

Interstate 10

Interstate 10 in Arizona is one of the main interstate highways in the US sunbelt. The road extends east to California and passes through several other counties and states. It takes around 7 hours to drive around the 392 miles along Interstate 10 in Arizona.

The vast majority of homes for sale in Buckeye are located within two huge master-planned communities.  Planned communities are a great way of providing housing for communities in the U.S. The mode of the housing ensures that residents get sufficient places to live with enough amenities. There are main planned communities in Buckeye and they include Tartesso and Verrado.

About Verrado

Verrado will accommodate 14,000 house units once it is complete. The development is by DMB Associates. It is 40km from downtown Phoenix. The largest residential community is at the White Tank Mountains. The basis of the development was the early twentieth-century American era, with the main street as the central part of the community.

Functional family homes, restaurants, residential facilities, and shopping areas will be part of the settlement. The main street features numerous business amenities. The neighborhood has vital amenities such as hiking trails, a dog park, a golf course, community parks, swim parks, and a community center. You can access most garages from the back alley.

About Victory

Victory is a district in Verrado that has age restrictions, and it is on the northern side of Verrado. Members of this area are 55 years and older and it will have 3000 houses when it is complete. The area is within three districts and the community has three learning institutions within it. Therefore, Verrado has sufficient amenities within its vicinity.

About Tartesso

The community is the third-largest development in the area. The planned area will have 49,000 homes and around 150,000 inhabitants when it is complete. It is off the Sun Valley Parkway. The plans for Tartesso started in 2005, but it started in 2016. Although the community has been in the hands of several people and it will take approximately 25 years to complete, the development is going on well.

The plans include a hospital, a town center, 26 parks, 17 elementary schools, and three high schools. The Tartesso community projects will employ around 18,000 people. The area is a portion of the Saddle Mountain Unified School District.

Great Buckeye Schools

The city of Buckeye has some of the best schools in the Arizona region. The schools are competitive, and they offer top-notch education. The town has a local school district that students in the community enjoy attending. It has early childhood schools, primary schools, high schools, intermediate schools, and junior high schools. Buckeye local schools educate approximately 2,600 students in their four schools. The schools unify the people of the region as they provide wholesome education.


With its peaceful atmosphere, bright future, and incredible real estate options, it’s no secret why Buckeye continues to grow at near-record paces. It will be interesting to see what the city of Buckeye looks like in the next 5, 10, and 20 years.