Dent Myers Biography (Bio), Wiki, Net Worth, Wife

It is said that during the summer of 2020, the memorabilia shop attracted a lot of crowds and protesters of the Black lives Matter and George Floyd in the United States. Dent Myers who owns a memorabilia shop in Kennesaw was now popular because of his job.

This is a man whose death caused a lot of curiosity, with people asking about his life on the internet. Dent Myers is a popular businessman who lived in Kennesaw, Georgia in the United States. Want to know why there were a lot of questions about this man? In this article, we elaborate more about his life.

Dent Myers Biography (Bio)

Dent was born in Kennesaw, Georgia in 1932. He was a popular American businessman. He owned a Confederate and a Jim Crow-era memorabilia shop in Kennesaw. Concerning his education, he completed all his schooling in his hometown. The name of the schools, he went to were not disclosed. We cannot confirm which course he pursued but he was well-educated. He was also a hard-working man. Dent achieved a lot during his years on earth. Unfortunately, Dent died at age 90. His death happened on the 16th of January,2022. There is no news concerning his exact date of birth so we don’t know which day he used to celebrate his birthday every year. He had a cute face with a long beard, a mustache, and long hair. He used to wear silver rings and normally put on a scarf (like a bandana) on his hair.

Dent Myers Wiki

Date of Birth1932
Place of BirthKennesaw
Real NameDent Myers
Marital StatusMarried
Spoken LanguageAmerican English

Dent Myers Career

He was a well-known American businessman. He owned a Confederate and Jim Crow-era memorabilia shop which is located in Kennesaw. His shop was mostly described as the Best Little War House in the town. He started his business in 1971. He was a successful businessman. He did his job with so much enthusiasm and had a good relationship with his customers. The name of the shop was Wildman’s shop and it had a Facebook page as Wildman’s Civil War Surplus. During the summer of 2020, the memorabilia shop attracted crowds and protests as a result of the Black lives Matter and George Floyd protests that went on in the States.

Is Dent Myers Alive?

In 2012, everybody was stunned by Dent when he predicted his passing by making a headstone for himself at a cemetery in his old neighborhood. Even though he predicted he couldn’t happen for like 10years now.

Unfortunately, the big-time businessman Dent Myers died on 16th January 2022. He died peacefully on Sunday morning in his house. His cause of death is unknown. The news about his death was posted on his shop’s Facebook page on Monday after he died. He was 90 years when he died. He lived his life well by working hard to become a popular businessman. His death sparked the curiosity of many. Everyone wanted to know who Dent Myers is. He will be remembered because of his kindness, passion, and hard work. There are tribute posts about him when he passed. In one of the posts, it was stated,” The last Rebel and true Confederate of Kennesaw GA have gone home to be with the Lord. Rest in peace. Dent “Wildman” Myers”.

Dent Myers Wife

He was married according to the Social Media Reports. The name of his wife is not yet known. There’s little information about the popular businessman. The number of children he had has not been revealed yet. I think Dent’s life was not really out there until he died so there’s not much information concerning his family.

Who Are Dent Myers Children

According to the Social Media Reports that stated that Dent was married but couldn’t disclose his wife’s name. The number of children he had was not disclosed either. For now, we do not know exactly who Dent’s children are and what their names could be. Well, they might have their father’s name attached to theirs. This could be only if the popular businessman had children.

Where Did Dent Myers live?

He lived in a town called Kennesaw in Georgia in the United States. It is unknown if he lived with his family in this town. He was a very hardworking man who also had a shop which was a Confederate and Jim crow-era memorabilia shop in that town. Unfortunately, He passed on the 16th of January in 2022 in Kennesaw. His demise was announced by Marjorie Lyon.

Dent Myers Net Worth

He owned a shop called the Wildman’s shop in Kennesaw. It is a Confederate and Jim crow-era memorabilia shop. His source of incoming was from his career and he was very dedicated to it. His net worth is about 250,000 dollars.


How old was Dent Myers?

He was 90years old.

Is Dent Myers Dead?

Yes, He died at the age of 90 on 16th January 2022.