Tae Heckard Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Age, Real Name, Boyfriend

In the entertainment world, various celebrities become well known because of their association with other famous celebs and some particular roles they played in movies or series. Other celebs though famous but are very private when it comes to their love life and personality.

Lashontae Heckard is a very beautiful, all-rounded woman who loves attention on the internet.

The famous American-South Korean actress Lashontae Heckard broke the internet when she starred in the well-known BET series, The Game as Jazz. Enjoy this article about Tae!

Tae Heckard Biography (Bio)

Lashontae Heckard is her real name and she is an American-South Korean actress who is known because of the roles she played in ATL (2006), The Game (2006), and Getting even (2014). She was born on April 14, 1978, in Seoul. She moved to the US at the age of 5 from Seoul. She spent most of her childhood in Dallas, Texas. Tae is 44years old as of the writing of this article.

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She celebrates her birthday on the 14th of April. Tae is American by nationality. She made a breakthrough in television when she played Jazz in the popular BET series called The Game. She played Jazz until the show’s final season in 2015. She also played Tonya in ATL in 2006 and became popular. Rochelle Davis was her first major role in the 2012 film Back Then. She is 5feet 5 inches tall and weighs 57kg. She has black hair and her eyes color are black. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California. For 4 years she served in the US Army reserves.

Tae Heckard Wiki

Date of Birth14th April 1978
Place of BirthSeoul
Real NameLashontae Heckard
Marital StatusSingle
Spoken LanguageEnglish
Zodiac SignAries
Height5ft 5inches

Tae Heckard Career

Tae is an American South Korean Actress who had a major leap forward in TV when she played the role of Jazz in the BET series, The Game. She acted as Jazz until the final season of The Game in 2015. She played Tonya in ATL in 2006 and this also made her popular. Her next was Back Then where she played the role of Rochelle Davis in 2012. She gained popularity because of the role she played in The Game.

Tae also starred in a music video for Busta Rhymes for the song I Know What You Want and in another music video for Ne-Yo for his song Because of You. She also starred in a music video for Nelly’s Grillz.

Who is Tae Heckard’s Boyfriend

Tae Heckard began dating the pop star, Nelly. She was also married to Monique Blanton for 3 years. Tae and Monique dated for 1 year in 2006 and later got engaged in 2008 and separated in October 2011. Later, Tae and Blanton got a divorce. After the divorce, she started dating Brandon Jennings, a basketball player. Brandon and Tae got engaged then Tae got pregnant. After the news about Tae’s pregnancy, she got dumped by Brandon Jennings, the basketball player. This must have been such a big blow for Tae since she was already pregnant with his child. Rumor has it that Brandon stated he left Tae because she wanted to play him. She gave birth to a baby boy in November 2015. The boy was named Brandon Byron Jennings. She reconciled with Brandon and they became a couple again but this love story couldn’t last. The couple split up for good this time.

Later, she dated NFL player Stefon Diggs but they broke up in 2019.

Tae Heckard’s Birthday

  • Date of Birth:14th April 1978
  • Birthday: 14th April, she celebrates her birthday every year on this date.
  • Place of Birth: Seoul, South Korea
  • Age:44years now
  • Hair color: Black
  • Height:5 feet 5inches,1.61 meters
  • Weight :57 kg ,125lbs

Tae Heckard’s Nationality

She was born in Seoul in South Korea but at the age of 5, she moved to America. She gained American citizenship and is American by nationality.

Tae Heckard’s Net Worth

Tae Heckard has an estimated net worth of $500,000 dollars as of 2022.

She is an American-South Korean actress who had risen in her career when she appeared as Jazz in the BET series, The Game. I must say The Game was a well-known series when it started to air. She also starred in ATL in 2006 as Tonya and as Rochelle Davis in Back Then in 2012.

Tae Heckard’s source of income is from her acting, adverts, brand endorsements, and music videos. She was also an ex-model. She is active on Instagram and Twitter.

She has about 954K followers on Instagram with the name Lil Tae Tae (@lashontae). She joined Twitter in September 2012. Her Twitter handle is Lashontae Heckard (@lasshontae) and she has 903 followers.


-Who Is Tae Heckard?

She is an American-South Korean Actress who was born in Seoul, South Korea.

-How old is Tae Heckard?

As of writing this article, Tae is 44 years

-What is Tae’s real name?

Tae Heckard’s real name is Lashontae Heckard.

Is Tae Heckard married?

Tae Heckard is married to Brandon Jennings, and the two of them have a kid who lives with them.

What does Tae Heckard do?

Tae Heckard is an actress. She still performs acting as her daily business.

Where is Tae Heckard from?

She is from Seoul, South Korea

Where is Tae Heckard now?

Tae Heckard currently lives in the United States.

Tae Heckard and Teyana Taylor?

The public fight between singer Teyana Taylor and model/actress LaShontae Heckard seems to be continuing unabated at this time. As previously reported, Tae is now said to be engaged to Teyana’s ex-boyfriend, Brandon Jennings, according to several sources. Teyana has accused Tae of ‘foul play,’ claiming that they were friends and that her ex-boyfriend should not have been allowed near her.

Why did Jazz and Tae Heckard break up?

There are a variety of reasons why jazz and breakup occurred. They are not interested in the same things, for starters. Tae is more interested in athletics and outdoor activities than Jazz, who enjoys music and the visual arts.

This might result in disagreements and tensions between the two parties. Second, the communication methods of Jazz and Tae are diametrically opposed. Jazz is more prone than Tae to communicate her emotions honestly, while Jazz is more likely to keep her emotions bottled up. This may lead to misinterpretations and even fights amongst people. Finally, the two people have quite different outlooks on life.

In contrast to Jazz, who is more hopeful and idealistic, Tae is more realistic and practical. When it comes to making significant choices, this might make it difficult for them to come to a mutual understanding. Ultimately, these discrepancies contributed to the breakdown of their partnership.

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