Dem Senate dominance is in jeopardy because of Biden’s poor poll numbers.

To keep their narrow Senate majority, Democrats must hold onto four states in the upcoming November election cycle. Joe Biden, the president, is polling in the negative in all of them.

In the upcoming midterm Senate elections, where the loss of even a single Democratic-held seat in November might result in the Republicans gaining control of the chamber, Biden’s negative influence on incumbents in battleground areas is becoming increasingly significant to the Democrats.

four Democratic senators who are vulnerable in the upcoming elections: Arizona Sen. Mark Kelly, Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock, Nevada Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, and New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan — all of whom are Republicans — are increasingly taking steps to emphasize their independence from President while also emphasizing their differences with him

Their resistance to President Biden’s proposal to repeal Trump-era border restrictions known as Title 42 is, to some measure, the most visible indication of their desire to separate themselves from the president. Alternatively, the four Democrats are devising fresh techniques for reaching out to potential voters in the coming months. It has happened before: they have gone to the border wall and blocked his nominees from coming through. It was just a month before a Trump-appointed judge overturned Biden’s mass transit mask mandate and there were three Republicans who favored scrapping the rule.

On social media, where they avoid praising the president and instead concentrate on their efforts to prod the White House into action, it’s difficult to discern that they’ve voted by Biden no less than 96 percent of the time.

According to Martha McKenna, a Democratic ad maker who previously worked for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, “in these four states, these senators are just doing the work, keeping their heads down, and getting things done for their states, while the Republicans are tearing each other apart in these primaries.”

“They are not the type of people who go out hunting for conflict or who act as grandstanders. It is a group of hard-working senators who are not afraid to say things like, “Yes, I agree with Biden on child tax credits or health care, but look, I have a different point of view on this subject or that issue.”

Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, and New Hampshire were all states Biden won less than two years ago. Each of them has a dismal approval rating for him right now.   Among Nevadans, a recent poll by Suffolk University found that only 35% approve of President’s job performance.

This explains why the four senators haven’t referenced Biden or praised the Democratic brand in their commercials this year, according to the data. They have not been linked to president Biden in any way by the liberal groups that have paid for their television ads. The American Bridge super PAC debuted an ad Tuesday in Nevada applauding Biden’s accomplishments, but there was no mention of Cortez Masto, the Democratic senator atop the ballot this year.

In response to a question about whether or not they would welcome Biden’s engagement in their campaigns, Warnock and Kelly both declined to comment. It was an opportunity for Biden to pay tribute to Hassan’s home state of New Hampshire, as well as to express her gratitude for her assistance in shepherding the bipartisan infrastructure package through the legislative process. As a result of the discussion, she stated that she would continue to collaborate with Joe Biden and her “colleagues on both sides of the aisle” to bring positive outcomes for her constituents in the coming months.

Hassan had previously visited Texas and Arizona, where she recorded a video in front of the border wall calling on the Biden administration to increase money for Border Patrol personnel and construct “physical barriers” along the border, but this trip was in stark contrast to her previous visit.

While there is a legitimate concern for Title 42 when she travels to the border to demonstrate her opposition to Trump’s wall and urge for greater border infrastructure, there is also much more at play. “It underlines the serious issues Hillary has with people,” said Republican strategist Dave Carney of New Hampshire, who is working on Republican Chuck Morse’s Senate campaign.

No one, even Republicans and myself believe she’s in jeopardy; she’s well aware of her problem, which she acknowledges.

In terms of financial resources, he and his fellow Democrats enjoy a significant advantage over their Republican colleagues. Warnock now has $25.6 million in cash on hand, Kelly has $23.3 million, and Cortez Masto and Hassan each have $11 million and $7.6 million in cash on hand, respectively, according to the most recent available data.

Before this fall’s elections, Hassan has already reserved $14.8 million in television advertisements to get an advantage over the other candidates running for office in Boston, which is likely to become a very competitive media market shortly. Even though the Senate Majority PAC and the Senate Leadership Fund have scheduled advertisements in other competitive states in recent weeks, neither organization has reserved advertisements in New Hampshire.

Democrats involved in the four Senate races say that internal polling shows that their candidates have a decent chance of winning, even if they alienate some progressives by refusing to support any of President Biden’s policy initiatives.

J.B. Poersch, the head of the Senate Majority PAC, stated that “the path to a Senate majority in 2022 runs via a core collection of extremely competitive elections in areas where Democrats have been successful in the past.” “This group of strong, battle-tested incumbents whose North Star is battling for the greatest interests of their constituents,” he continued, is among those up for election this year.

Recent gaffes by the Republican Party have bolstered Democratic confidence in the party’s ability to survive the unfavorable midterm election environment. Due to the inability of the national Republican Party to persuade popular Republican Governor Chris Sununu to run against Hassan in New Hampshire, a growing field of unknown Republican hopefuls has developed, none of whom has demonstrated considerable financial resources. They will almost certainly go toe-to-toe for months on end before the primary on September 13th.

Similar efforts to include Doug Ducey, the Republican governor of Arizona whom former President Trump repeatedly insulted and counseled not to run for Senate, were met with a resounding rejection.

Following his criticism of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich for not doing enough to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, former President Donald Trump released another statement aimed at influencing the state’s Senate race. According to polling conducted earlier this year, Ducey and Brnovich would fare better in a general election against Kelly than Lamon and Masters would have.

Democrats’ Senate Majority PAC has so far been unable to get any television time in North Carolina for this fall’s elections, even though the fact that the state is considered a safe bet for Republicans in competitive races in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and North Carolina.

There is no doubt in the minds of Republicans that Joe Biden will be too much of a burden for any Democratic incumbents or candidates who are vulnerable.

Carney remarked that President Joe Biden’s administration “is the gift that keeps on giving.” He compared his performance to a “Saturday Night Live parody,” and he compared it to that of President Joe Biden himself.

The CEO of the polling firm WPA Intelligence, Chris Wilson, referred to recent surveys suggesting that President Joe Biden has lost popularity among key Democratic constituencies. “Democrats can have the power to spark the minority vote like they used to,” Wilson said.

Wilson, a pollster who works for Adam Laxalt’s Republican campaign in Nevada, cited both internal and external surveys that show Laxalt maintaining a lead against Cortez Masto in the race.

His assertions that the Republican outreach to minorities, which the party has done a poor job of in recent cycles, and the Republican discourse on education, both of which the party has avoided, are “game changers” are based on his observations that the Republican outreach to minorities and the Republican discourse on education have both changed in recent cycles.