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Community Development: How to Raise Awareness For Good Causes

There’s always something to bring awareness to. You can decide to raise awareness of anything that you feel is important enough to do so. This can be raised awareness of global warming or awareness of all that firefighters do for the community.

The choice is yours, and you can even consider bringing awareness to multiple topics rather than just one, but how will you do this? You not only want to show support for different community topics, but you want to gain others’ support as well. Gaining the attention of others in the community is not always simple.

There are a few ways you can raise awareness for different topics, however, that are a sure way to gain attention from multiple people in the community. In the guide below, you’ll find a few ideas to consider trying. Continue reading to learn more!

Present Challenge Coins

What are challenge coins? Challenge coins are customized coins given to certain individuals for completing a task of some sort or as a way to say thank you. You can find a few examples on

You can also use these coins to raise awareness of different topics. For example, when starting a fundraiser or event where volunteering is required, you can gift challenge coins to individuals who help volunteer for your cause. Because challenge coins are customizable, you can create different coins for different projects or tasks.

If you need a volunteer to help plan the event, then you can create a planner challenge coin that’s made specifically for those who help with the planning stages. If there are volunteers who help collect donations, then you can create a coin that represents them as well.

The options are endless and the coins show appreciation and help spread awareness.

Create a One-Day Online Fundraiser

One-day online fundraising events are a great way to spread awareness without needing much time. This is a great option for anyone with a busy schedule. The day you choose should be a day that means something to your organization or fundraiser.

It’s a good idea to provide information about the organization leading up to the one-day event. If the event supports any non-profits, then you’ll want to speak about those as well. These online events help bring awareness to different topics in a short amount of time and can raise money to help the organization as well.

Livestream an Event

Livestreaming events are a wonderful way to jumpstart an event or to finish it with a celebration. Although the term, “livestream” might sound intimidating, you’ve most likely already done some livestreaming in the past.

If you’ve used Zoom, Facebook Live, or another type of similar platform, then you’ve livestreamed! With a livestream, anything is possible. You have the option to bring a variety of people together from around the world.

Think about something you want to do for your organization. Is there information you want to learn more about or teach other people about? Contact specialists and ask them to join your livestream to show support for your charity work.

Others can then join with the click of a button and become interested in the topic.

Build Fundraising Events

When you take the time to plan a fundraising event well, it can be a huge benefit to your organization or charity. Not only will you want to take the time to plan the event itself well, but you also need to spend time developing a strong marketing campaign.

How will you let others know about the event? How can you bring awareness to the event itself to then bring awareness to the organization? It’s time to start brainstorming!

Get together with online communities and ask for volunteers or ideas on marketing the event. Create a post on social media with a clear image or video that gives details about the event. Take advantage of social media and ask friends and family members to share your post for you.

If you make the event something that’s fun for everyone, then you’ll see more people interested in showing up. For example, hosting the event at a nearby park and providing family-friendly games along with food, drinks, and raffle prizes can persuade people to come out.

Use Social Media

Social media is right in the palm of your hands and provides you the platform you need to reach a wide target audience. Create a social media page specifically for your organization or charity. Then, use it to build marketing campaigns.

Most platforms will offer you a simple way to do so. Be sure to post valuable content that offers information to people about the organization that they most likely didn’t know. You can even consider hosting an online event through your social media page that offers fun giveaways and raffles as well.

Consider Public Displays

When you give people the option to be a part of the cause, they’re more inclined to learn more about it. A good way to bring awareness to many people in the community is through public displays. Holding up a donation sign at a stand covered in information pamphlets will only go so far.

Instead, consider asking a local band to do a performance for your charity or plan a local small carnival for the community as a charity event. It’s a good way to build a larger audience and become a staple in the community.

You Can Raise Awareness Right Now

No one said charity work was easy. There’s a lot that goes into fundraising and bringing awareness to different organizations. We’re here to help.

Use a few of these ideas on how to raise awareness listed above. Try them out one by one until you find what works best for you.

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