The Key Things to Know About Challenge Coins

Why are challenge coins popular with collectors and history buffs? Were they just another another passing fad, like Pogs and Beanie Babies?

Challenge coins are unique to other collectible items. Unlike wildly popular fads, challenge coins didn’t rise and burn out overnight.

These coins have quietly been around for decades, and even centuries according to scholars.

Do you love history, military culture, and coin collecting? Stick around to learn more about challenge coins.

A Presidential Tradition

Challenge coins have ancient Roman roots; however, they’re mostly synonymous with U.S. military culture. This culture also includes the one and only President of the United States.

Presidents receive their own challenge coins. They’re also known to gift coins to military personnel. You may even find the President secretly slipping a challenge coin into the palm of a soldier’s hand.

Challenge coins are given out in the military, typically after completing a duty or service. WWII soldiers also followed challenge coin rules in their drinking games. These games cemented challenge coins in popular military culture.

The tradition of crafting different coin designs started with military leaders. They wanted their challenge coins to symbolize their squadrons. Henceforth, the customized challenge coin was born.

Challenge Coins Aren’t Just for the Military

Challenge coins have military roots. Military culture also influences other professions, like police officers and firefighters.

Police captains often reward high-performing officers with customized challenge coins. Firefighters are also gifted custom coins for their bravery.

Police and fire captains can customize their own challenge coins online. Firehouses, police stations, police k-9 dogs, popular sayings, and helping hands are excellent symbols to use.

Challenge Coins for Personal Growth

Think hard about the word “challenge.”

Challenge coins are gifted after completing a challenge of some kind. That challenge could be a military duty or promotion. The same philosophy can apply to any challenge.

Personal challenges also count. That’s why challenge coins are popular with addiction recovery specialists. Challenge coins are a healthy way to reward patients for maintaining their sobriety.

Scout leaders also customize challenge coins for specific activities, like building campfires or fishing. Coaches could use them to motivate their players during training season.

How could you include challenge coins in your life or career?

Beyond Coins

Challenge coins go beyond “coins” themselves.

Take a look at the different challenge coin bottle openers, belt buckles, and poker chips from this site. These ideas make excellent gifts for military service members, police officers, firefighters, and paramedics.

More companies are including challenge coins and customized products in corporate gifts. Challenge coins can encourage employees to reach higher after a strong first quarter.

Do you have an avid challenge coin collector in your life? Surprise your friend with a brand new display case for their collection. These coins function as unique, customized decor.

Discover the World of Challenge Coins

Are you up to the challenge?

Think more about the potential benefits of challenge coins in your work and daily life.

Remember these cool facts and ideas as you customize your first coin. Don’t forget to follow the blog for more surprising tips and tricks!