Advice For Beginner Skateboarders

Advice For Beginner Skateboarders

Few activities provide as much of a thrill as skateboarding. So it is easy to see why it appeals to so many people and those of all ages. It can also be daunting to start with, and there is a steep learning curve, which is why it is important to know a few tips for beginners that will hopefully help you to hit the ground running without too many scrapes and bruises! So, if you are just getting started with skateboarding, then read on for a few tips that should help and allow you to master the basics before long.

Find Somewhere To Practice

First, you will want to find somewhere suitable for you to practice. Right at the beginning, you might find that there is somewhere in the garden that will allow you to get used to standing on the skateboard and building your confidence. You will also want somewhere that you can practice pushing, such as a car park or dead-end road.

Watch Videos Online

These days, learning to skateboard is a lot easier, thanks to the internet. This is a goldmine for advice, support, and guides, which is why you should spend some time finding websites and communities that will help. YouTube is particularly useful as you can find helpful videos for mastering the basics, including pushing, ollies, and manuals.

Invest In Quality Safety Gear

Safety must be a priority at all times when skateboarding. You need to invest in high-quality safety gear, including helmets, skate pads, and gloves. You should wear these at all times when skateboarding, even if you are just practicing pushing in a car park. Everyone takes a tumble when skateboarding, especially when learning, so having safety gear is important for protection but also for giving you confidence knowing that you will be ok if you fall off – this is key for mastering new skills.

Film Yourself

Whenever you watch skateboarding videos, they make it look so easy. In reality, it is not easy at all, and the level of skill and technique is high. This is why it is a good idea to film yourself when you are learning so you can see where you are going wrong and what areas you need to work on. Additionally, do not shy away from asking for advice from other skaters – the community is usually very friendly and supportive.

Keep Practicing

Like any new activity, the key to success is practice. Skateboarding is difficult to learn, but spending time on the board will develop your skills and confidence. Once you begin to master the basics, it then becomes much easier to learn everything else and progress. You should also try skating in new places so that you are able to try new things, meet new people and develop your confidence.

These tips should come in handy for anyone that is learning to skateboard. It is daunting at first, and it might take a while to master the basics, but it is incredibly rewarding when you are able to and can provide a real adrenaline rush.