Candidate of GOP crushed after opposing Trump says party ‘not living up to this moment’

Candidate of GOP crushed after opposing Trump says party ‘not living up to this moment’

Michael Wood, a prominent anti-Trump Republican who was soundly defeated in a recent state election, said the party is losing its principles by airing ads that bear the former president’s discredited falsehoods, he claims.

Let me put it this way: At the moment, it seems like our political class is going to be divided between those who stick to the facts and those who invent stories about them.

“That” Wood lamented to CNN’s John Berman on “New Day,” saying he was deeply troubled by the GOP’s evolution, saying, “This is very unfortunate,” It feels like we’ve entered a kind of Alice in Wonderland kind of situation, where those of us who loathe deception and conspiracy are being labeled insurrectionists. This says much about the party. It’s tragic, considering the state of the country.

a U.S.S. Marine Corps veteran and outspoken critic of Trump, he placed ninth in the Republican primary for the seat that had been given to Rep. Ron Wright after his death.

Republicans, who was receiving around 3% of the vote, have called for Obama to reject and stop dismissing conspiracy theories like the notion that the 2020 elections were fraudulently won by the Democrats, claiming that the vote results were stolen. Illinois Republican Representative Adam Kinz, known for frequently speaking out against the President Trump, was on his side.

Ron Wright’s widow, Susan, who was endorsed by Trump, will compete in a two-way race for the spot in the general election with Jake Ellze, also a Republican

Because Trump’s position within the Republican Party appears to be as unshakable as the party goes back to its traditional ideals, the forest appears to be on the verge of disappearing.

Wood said, “As an elected official, you have a certain responsibility to act like a leader.” But he specifically mentioned Kinzinger, the third-most conservative Republican member of the House of the Wyoming delegation, and the fourth-most Trump-despising senator in the Republican Party, who broke away from the Trump.

If you run for public office, you have to be prepared to sacrifice, because you can’t serve if you don’t. A significant number of members of Congress have their egos, as well as their whole personalities invested in being there. and the advantages that are given along with it “They should refuse to get involved,” he said. And I believe they need to reflect on the long-term impact of their decisions and their time in office. I think they need to think about how they will be viewed and how they’ll be remembered.