What Is It Like Living in the Dominican Republic?
What Is It Like Living in the Dominican Republic?

What Is It Like Living in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is one of the best places to live in the Caribbean, according to International Living magazine. Whether it’s right for you depends on what kind of lifestyle you’re looking for.

Let’s look at what living in the Dominican Republic is like.

  1. Is the Dominican Republic Cheap to Live In?

Compared to most parts of the United States, the cost of living in the Dominican Republic is quite low. You can find rentals for as little as $200 a month and restaurants and other entertainment options are also quite affordable.

  1. Culturally Diverse

The Dominican Republic is a popular destination for European ex-pats so it is quite culturally diverse. This also helps make the country very welcoming to foreigners, no matter what part of the world they’re from.

And for any foreigners wondering how to buy things from their home country, you can read this helpful guide covering does Amazon deliver to the Dominican Republic?
  1. It’s Easy to Fly In and Out When Living in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic International Airport in Santo Domingo provides easy access to many parts of the world. You can fly to Miami in only two hours and New York City in three and a half.

  1. Stable Government

The Dominican Republic is quite stable politically. The government is conservative in its management of the country and offers a stable foundation.

The surge its economy has seen over the past few years backs this up. This article has more details about how the economy is growing.

  1. Good for Someone With an Active Lifestyle

If you live an active lifestyle — or want to start — the Dominican Republic is a great destination. It offers a tropical maritime climate, with little variation in temperature throughout the year. The main difference from one season to another is in the amount of rainfall.

The DR offers many popular activities including surfing, swimming, kayaking, kiteboarding, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding.

  1. Driving Can Be Challenging

One of the challenges of living in the Dominican Republic is how difficult it can be to drive. Many drivers choose motorcycles because of their compact size but they drive them with abandon.

This leads to a high number of traffic fatalities, many of which are the motorcycle taxi drivers who often push the limits too far. The police also tend to be lax about enforcing drunk driving laws so that contributes to the problem.

  1. You Should Learn to Speak Spanish

If you’re going to spend any significant time in the Dominican Republic, you should learn Spanish.

Dominicans speak Spanish so being fluent in the language makes it easier to understand and communicate with the locals. Having a passing familiarity isn’t really good enough because their distinct accent makes it harder to understand.

Dominican Republic Living Isn’t for Everyone

Living in the Dominican Republic has a lot of potential benefits but it’s not for everyone. Make sure you research the area you’re thinking of living in and all the various amenities you’ll need before making the leap.

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