Can you play golf without leaving home?

Can you play golf without leaving home?

What would you do if you are a golf enthusiast and the weather or the current world situation does not permit you to leave the house and play golf at your favorite club? There should be a solution to allow you to play or practice golf inside.

Or, maybe, if you are a golfer at the beginning of your golfing adventure who wants to improve their swing and work on their game. Online games, apps, or Xbox games can’t offer you an experience as close to golf launch monitor.

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If you search on Google for simulators or indoor golf in your area, you will find some local providers for these types of services. Indeed, there might be places close to your home that let you practice or play indoor golf. A golfing simulator can offer you a unique possibility to experience playing a Whistling Straits, Blackwood Run, Spyglass, Spanish Bay, or Pebble Beach.

Where can golf simulators be installed?

The best thing about simulators is that they can be easily installed indoors at your desired location. The providers can fit the simulators in such places as:

  • Exclusive golf academies
  • Top-class golf courses
  • Leisure sports facilities
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Private villas
  • Your home and even your office.

If you plan to have an indoor golf simulator installed in your home, you will need a spacious room. A large room will ensure that there is enough space to practice your putting game safely. The recommended size is a minimum of 5.5m deep with a width of 3 meters.

Additionally to the horizontal surface, the room’s height you want to place the simulator should be between 2.7 and 3.2 meters.

You might want to look at an unused space in your home (garage, basement, an unused gym, or cinema) or a shed or summer house that can be transformed into your private dream golf retreat, the ultimate man cave.

If you need expert advice about your chosen room’s suitability, you should get in touch with one of the providers specialized in designing and installing these simulators. They can arrange a demonstration, help you organize the allocated space, and even generate a 3D rendering of your golf simulator.

Golf simulators for your home

  • Puttview simulator

Puttview is one of the best in the world when it comes to putting green design and implementation. They use the latest technology in analyzing your performance when putting. While having fun finishing off all your favorite holes worldwide, you can improve your game massively.

  • Zen green stage

Produced by Zen Oracle, this simulator brings the excitement of playing golf directly into your home, via a basement, garage, or any other golf destinated space. The indoor putting practice will stay with you for life, as this indoor putting green places you in charge of all of your shots.

  • Trackman virtual golf

If you are interested in golf as a way to relax after a long day, you should consider a Trackman golf simulator.

With TrackMan 4, a new standard is born: Dual Radar Technology. To get maximum data quality and increased pick up rates, they used 2 radar systems instead of one. This machine brings a radical transformation in the way radar technology is used in golf.

In conclusion, there are possibilities to play golf without leaving home. If you want to get “out on the course” inside, all you need is a phone call. A specialized company will walk you through how they can implement a virtual putting green in your home as soon as possible.