burning man event

Burning man Event – The extreme self-expression festival

All cultural has the history and principles and has a specific purpose. Burning man is the biggest festival in which people show their art and culture. Every year is burning event is held in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, attended by many “burners.” It is called “Black Rock City” because it looks like a city is formed in the desert during the 9-day event. This Burning Man(バーニングマン) started in 1986 and has fascinated many people for over 30 years. This event aims to be the main characters and have the ultimate experience by expressing themselves.  Due to the coronavirus burning man even help online, and Digital Nomad brings it for you that you can miss your favorite event.

Burning Man’s 10 Principles

10 principles developed in 2004 that show culture spirit morals and culture of burning man festival. Anyone may participate in Burning Man and respect each other, according to this concept. Furthermore, Burning Man(バーニングマン) values the ability to be completely self-sufficient and express himself. Participants in the event are aware of their inherent power and work together with one another. Burning Man is a community in and of itself, and participants actively assist one another. Of course, everyone’s safety is guaranteed. It’s also a good idea not to leave any evidence of the occurrence. Burning Man is environmentally conscious and cleans up after itself.

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 Musicians and other Performance

The most important aspect is to participate in burning man.

Every year, a large number of “burners” participate in art and performances. The vast “Playa” event venue is brimming with art of all shapes and sizes. Of course, a colossal statue known as “The Man,” which symbolizes the event, is also an example of art. When Burning Man reaches its climax, “The Man” is burned. This is where Burning Man began. There’s also cafe art and bizarre automobiles. There are also plenty of performances by drummers, lamp writers, DJs, musicians, and circuses, so don’t miss out. Man burning is the best way to see the different cultures with fun.

Big festival

Burning Man is one of the largest music and art festivals globally, with a total of more than 80,000 participants from all over the world. Furthermore, the number of participants is increasing year by year. If you have a ticket and want to bring your child of age 12, you can appreciate free your ticket allow your child to participate with you.

 Bus services

Burning Man(バーニングマン) also offers a shuttle service to prevent road congestion and environmental pollution. A bus called “Burner Express” leaves from San Francisco and Reno on a round trip. From San Francisco, from Civic Center from one way. On the other hand, Reno starts from Reno-Tahoe International Airport and begins at the lowest rental price one way. You can easily participate.

Location of burning man

Burning Man is held every year in the Black Rock Desert, a city that only appears during events. The venue, also known as “Playa,” is about 190km north of Reno, Nevada. You can check the location on the GP’s.