Best Steam Hair Straighteners

Steam Hair Straighteners have become very popular over the years. They are lighter than all other traditional straighteners which make carrying them around quite easy. Despite its downside of taking more time to produce the desired results, its power to make the hair silky smooth and shiny at the end is well worth note. For some it may take several uses to get that perfectly straight look, but after a while you will find yourself applying the treatment consistently. There are however some cons, you should be aware of before using a Steam Hair Straightener.

The biggest downside of using steam hair straighteners is the potential damage they can do to your hair. This is largely due to the heat that they emit, which can cause damage to your hair’s cuticle layer. This heat can easily scorch your tresses so always use it with extra caution. If you have long hair, you should consider getting a separate device that has a bigger heating plate. This way you avoid burning yourself as the steam flat irons have a shorter heating plate than the other types.

Another potential issue with the use of steam hair straighteners is that they don’t usually offer a long enough heat time. While most models reach temperatures of around 120 degrees, some of them only reach a maximum of sixty minutes. Depending on how your hair is cut and styled, you may find that the heat time required to get the style you want is not long enough for your purposes. If you find this is a problem then consider getting a model with a shorter heating time so you can still get the hairstyle of your choice done.

The main advantage of using a steam hair straightener over the regular flat irons is the fact that it does not need to be plugged in or kept on a constant temperature. Other models will keep a temperature on the unit so that it never actually comes on until the desired temperature is reached. With the steam hair straighteners, it is all up to you to set the temperature. By using a lotion or heat protector this can help to keep the unit from getting hot enough to harm you.

Another issue that you may run into with steam straighteners is that the design of the iron makes it difficult to coat and style wet hair. Many models will not coat wet hair until the styling process is complete, which can make it very difficult to style wet hair in the mornings or even at times during the day. For this reason you may need to have a second device for wet days so that you can coat your hair and style as needed. Also, you may need to take special care to ensure that you rinse off the product completely when you are finished using it.

One of the best ways to prevent damage to your hair from using steam hair straighteners is to use a heat protectant spray while you are styling. This can help to keep the iron from overheating and damaging your hair. You may want to use a spray that is specially designed for natural hair types. Any heat protection spray should be applied before using the iron.