Bring your living room to life with colour

Bring your living room to life with colour

The neutral colour palette is having a big moment in the interior world. However, keeping your home plain and monotonous can become dull over time, especially when working from home. Sometimes it can be fun to mix up your style with a few colours here and there. You don’t need to make a huge investment either – you can add a little personality to your home with a few tips and tricks.

You could mix up your interior style with a little DIY. You could reupholster some old cushions yourself and use a bright patterned fabric to inject a little colour into your space. Get your family involved and spend the day trying out fun DIY activities with your children. You can save money, relieve stress, and have some quality family time. Use Pinterest, blogs, and magazines for inspiration on which colours and patterns to use.

Here are a few ways to add colour to your living room.


Before you add bold colours to your living room, you need to organise the space. It can be overwhelming to spend time in a cluttered and disorganised space. If you don’t have enough storage in the room, fitted furniture is a great option to make the most out of the space available. Opt for wooden furniture that you can repaint time and time to keep it looking fresh and modern.


A new lamp can revamp a space and change the atmosphere within the room. You could go for a warm bulb to make your living room cosy or a colour changing LED bulb for a little more fun. You could design your own light by upcycling items in your home and turning them into whacky lamps.

You can also use mirrors to play with lighting. Place an ornate mirror on an empty wall in your space to reflect light and open the space.


If bright colours aren’t your style, use nature to add personality and life to the room. Plants and flowers are a great way to freshen up the living room. Invest in high-quality artificial models if your living room is too dark for real ones.


Accessories are the quickest way to incorporate colour into a space. Buy a few coloured cushions, throws and ornaments to decorate the area, and you’re done! Mustard and teal tones are popular right now and perfectly compliment otherwise neutral rooms.

Have fun with colourful interior pieces, and make sure your home reflects your personality and lifestyle!