Best guide to Browse and Be Safe on Internet Anonymously!

Best guide to Browse and Be Safe on Internet Anonymously!

In modern times as the number of internet users is increasing daily, the number of internet frauds and data loss are also increasing side by side. So it is now a huge concern for both small and large organizations to secure their data and browsing. One such tool utilized is to purchase ssl certificate by the companies. It secures the in-transit communication that transpires between the web server and client browser by encrypting it. Only the intended recipient can decrypt it with the public key. This eliminates the instances of sniffing or MiTM attacks. It is very important as the hackers are using the browsing pattern and history of medium and small organizations for executing the fraud. So in today’s fast-paced world, it should be on the top priorities of any small or large organization to be safe from any such activities of the fraudulent and hackers by having a proactive vision to deal with it.

It isn’t easy to surf, stream and download data from the internet anonymously. Furthermore, any individual, company or institution does not want their competitors or companies to keep an eye on their pattern and data that they surf or download from the internet as it can result in financial losses either in the form of money or loss of data. Thus, companies or individuals should access the internet to keep them safe from any such losses.

As it has become the new normal to follow the users’ online behavior, it demands a careful blanket of security around you as well. These parties keeping such a track include the internet service providers, scammers, social media tools and various other applications that we use in day-to-day life. In this way, you must keep your security in your hands by staying alert and practicing some means to remain careful.

Some of the most commonly practiced safe internet browsing tips include the following:

  1. Utilizing VPN for safe browsing:

VPN is one method you can use for safe browsing. While using a VPN, it is considered that you are safe in the internet world. This VPN ensures that your browsing becomes secured as your data becomes untraceable. No one can read what you are searching and browsing. Your personal IP address is also secure while using VPN, and you will be active through the VPN IP. As the IP address reveals the identification details of your internet connection along with the details of your geographical location, that’s why it is the first step that you secure your IP to enable secure overall browsing.

Best guide to Browse and Be Safe on Internet Anonymously!

A VPN nowadays is not just utilized at the organizations where a lot of secrecy is required but also used by the people at the workplace, schools, colleges and even at home. Using VPN, your personal information remains unrevealed, and only the IP of the VPN server is revealed, and it guarantees you a good cover of security. Therefore, it is very important in this case that you use your VPN server very carefully with a zero-log policy so that a good amount of security remains in your hand. A zero log policy even restricts the government to get the browsing details or any way revelation of your online behavior because it ensures that none of it is traceable to any extent.

  1. Selecting a reliable browser

As it may appear a simple idea to most people, it is still true that you can protect yourself to a large extent by using a reliable browser. On the other hand, unreliable browsers can easily track your online behavior, and you are not secure with them. Amidst so many popular options, it isn’t easy to select the best one for you. As it is all about the privacy policy of different browsers, one should read in detail what their requirements are and pick accordingly.

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Even the most popular browsers lack in one aspect or the other when it comes to privacy; therefore, the need of the hour to research properly well in advance is needed. People use some browsers like the Tor network nowadays to keep their browsing data in check. This does not give access to any one of your online search behaviour in any case. Open sources are extremely disadvantageous in these cases because it is very easy to gain access through these sources. Some of these browsers may be slow or expensive but covered extensively in security and anonymous browsing.

  1. Anonymity through a proxy server

Amidst the above said, this is another such step that stands out to provide you with the right amount of anonymity for surfing the internet safely. It is seen that people these days utilize proxy servers so that their personal information remains secure as this ensures that the user information is guarded in case it is asked by some means. This is also considered a reliable alternative, but VPN is undoubtedly more reliable as the chances of unravelling the user data or tracking the traffic is lesser with VPN. Proxy servers serve as the alternative for VPN, but these are light in providing security coverage. The extent to which a proxy server provides you anonymity does not match the extent to which the VPN will be secure. It depends totally on your requirements and choice as to which one you want to rely upon.

  1. Search Engines that cannot trace your data

Popular search engines tend to gather user data to a large extent. It includes the ones that you use in your daily life like Bing, Google and Yahoo. Alternatively, some search engines present in the market can restrict the amount of information they gather and the tracking of your online behavior to a minimum extent. It is important to know about these hidden search engines as they are not as popular as the big names out in the market. You should know of this if you are looking to browse with complete safety and security by keeping yourself anonymous in the cyber world.

  1. Correct Browser extensions for the desired level of anonymity

Apart from the popularly known methods like VPN and means like using selective search engines, you must know about the alternative of some useful add- ons to surf safely. Some browser extensions can be utilized to lessen the amount of data tracked as these browser extensions limit the third-party tracking cookies. This way, you can fortify yourself in the cyber world as the third parties will not access your data, and you will not give out any information.

  1. Efficiently restricting Big companies in tracking our data

It is among the policies of big companies and businesses that they get hold of your data very easily and share it further with the advertising companies. This way, you will give out the important information you won’t give otherwise. Big companies follow this pattern. Based on the same, they will display the advertisements that are beneficial for their business but very harmful for their user anonymity. Therefore, it is advised that you check the privacy settings very carefully and manage them accordingly to give out the minimum information possible.

  1. Using HTTPS Websites instead of HTTP

Another important tool very popular nowadays is applying SSL Certificates through which you can secure yourself in the cybersphere. It provides you with the much-desired coverage by ensuring the security of sensitive user information. Big and small businesses are largely employing these SSL certificates to protect the user information shared with them daily. It is advised to the users as well to use HTTPS secure websites only.

If you are an owner of a reputed ecommerce website, you have to purchase an SSL certificate for your website from the reputed SSL Provider to keep your website secure. As the users these days are concerned about their security in the internet world, you can display the amount of effort you are putting into security through installing these certificates. These are available in large varieties in the market today. You should have the correct information to buy one and then install it. Then, you are ready to explore the cyber world with safety afterwards.


As we are advancing in science and technology, security concerns are also increasing day by day. The users do not feel perfectly safe and sound in the world of the internet. With the rise in cyber mischief all through the globe, it is essential to work on every aspect and pay attention to every minute step that you take while browsing online. It is largely seen that even a single attack sometimes results in causing great losses to the businesses. These losses are not just monetary but also related to the resulting less reputation in the market. No business, small or midsize, will ever expect such massive consequences, and thus it increases the need for measures to safely and anonymously surf the internet.

Through all the measures mentioned above, like using VPN, browser extensions for safety in the internet world, or purchasing an ssl certificate, one can rely on all of these to stay safe and secure. It is also believed that the best method is employing VPN, but we believe it depends on your requirements in selecting the measure that is to be employed. It will be appropriate if you select as per your need and easily enjoy all the anonymity in browsing.