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Become a successful online teacher – Best tips to follow

We all have been a part of conventional learning systems where students and teachers meet and connect in a physical setup or classroom for educational purposes. But leaving behind this conventional mode, online teaching has been rapidly spreading in the digital world we are living in. Many educators and learners have been practicing online education but it has been a new experience for a majority of teachers and students in the present pandemic times. 

During these times, like all other professions, teaching and learning are also being done digitally. To become a successful teacher here as well and impart your students a quality education online, let us discuss some effective tips for you. By following these tips, no need to worry and stress about your online classes as you will be able to do great here this way too.

Teaching skills for becoming an effective online teacher 

  • Communication skills 
  • Actively listening to all the students. 
  • Technical understanding and usage. 
  • Patience and control 
  • Organization 
  • Confidence and motivation 

In the present pandemic times when teaching is being practiced digitally or via a hybrid learning model, these skills will surely help you to become a successful online teacher and impart effective knowledge of their subjects to the learners. 

Teaching tips to become a successful online teacher 

  1. Have interaction with all 

Only the teacher-centered approach that is a teacher teaching and students simply listening is a quite monotonous least effective method of teaching. Also sitting in front of a computer or mobile screen is already a challenge and if students have to do it by simply listening, learning online will become very difficult for them. To teach online effectively, all teachers make students interactive too.

Have a teacher learner-centered approach which allows students to speak, share, interact and participate in the classes more. You should have learning activities to have a  participatory class. For example, group discussions, recitation, giving presentations, having question-answer rounds, doubt clearance, etc must be included by the teachers in the class. This will help teachers to teach online effectively and make students learn better. 

  1. Take feedback

As in the present pandemic times, online education has been a new experience for many teachers too. Though all teachers try their best to provide students with quality education, by their teaching abilities, seeking feedback from students is important too. To become an effective online teacher, taking feedback from students will surely help you. 

After a few teaching classes, you should manage some time to seek feedback from the students on how appropriate they are finding the current teaching patterns or if any changes, additions, or alterations are required by them. Students initially will be hesitant to share feedback with the teachers. But by teachers being welcoming, constructive, and making students comfortable, students can share their perspectives surely. 

  1. Keep the sessions short

We all know that concentrating in the classes via mobile or computer screens is a bit challenging. And if the online classes will be of longer durations, focusing on what a teacher is teaching becomes more complex. back-to-back mic classes that take too much time can lead to excessive screen time further affecting the health and learning of the students. You must avoid this happening with your students to become an effective online instructor. 

  1. Ensure proper doubt resolution

In pandemic times, online teaching has been a new experience for the students. They might feel less confident to ask doubts from you. And with doubts, their understanding of the lessons is affected. 

To avoid this happening with the students of your online class, focus on proper doubt resolution. Make students feel comfortable in asking doubts from you. After finishing teaching a particular topic, ask students whether they understood or not. Interact with all students to ensure that all are understanding well. Answer their doubts one by one properly. 


With the flexibility, convenience, and comfort provided, online teaching is reaching door to door. Also in the present pandemic times, teaching and learning have been highly dependent on online teaching platforms and hybrid learning. To become a successful online teacher, the above-mentioned tips will surely help you. By following these tips, teachers can impart quality education and effective understanding to the students via online modes.