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What is Provably Fair Casino

It’s not a secret that during the years of development, online gambling has greatly discredited itself. Many users simply gamblers refuse to play because of fears that the system can rob them. The newest provably fair casino technology is a digital algorithm that confirms the honesty of gambling sites in relation to users. The technology is absolutely new, and most of the developers have not yet managed to master it, developers seeking to use this algorithm in crypto-casinos, where bitcoins are used for betting and paying out winnings.

How does Provably Fair technology work?

To understand the principle of provably fair technology, the player needs to study the basic subtleties of cryptocurrency transactions. For experienced traders, mastering the new system will not cause any difficulty:

  •         The playground provides the user with a certain number.
  •         This number is hashed and sent to the player just before the initial bet.
  •         The number is selected by the system without human intervention, in random order.
  •         Online casino managers cannot quickly identify the number and change it.
  •         At the same time, the core of the system generates a random code for the player himself, but users are advised to manually adjust it to achieve greater secrecy so that no one knows about it.
  •         The cores with the digital codes of the player and the online casino interact with each other, creating winning combinations, the result of which doesn’t depend on the operator’s actions.
  •         At the end of the game, users can enter any combination of the code themselves through the verifier, and these numbers will not be hashed, but allow you to get confirmation of the win.

As a result of the introduction of provably fair technology, players can easily check online casinos for honesty. For making this, they only need to ask the system for the relevance of the draw to make sure that the coincidence of the winning combinations was really random.

Benefits of provably fair technology

Provably fair online gambling technology is rapidly gaining popularity due to the following advantages:

  •         Full transparency of the game – users can see not only their own draw but also the results of past games in real-time.
  •         Many online casinos prove their honesty after passing a third-party audit by authorized services, after which they confirm the verification with special badges. In this case, there is no need for such an audit, since the casino is constantly checked by the players themselves, who become its auditors.
  •         The use of blockchain technology. This is another way to make every transaction transparent. The decentralized system, which is actively used in transactions with cryptocurrencies, encodes each transaction, which eliminates theft or other negative consequences for the user. None of the completed and confirmed transactions can be adjusted in favor of online casino managers.
  •         High RTP. Each player can be sure of great chances of winning, as this index takes into account the user’s previous losses and wins and accumulates the most likely combination to win the game.

Thus, provably fair, used in online gambling, is rapidly gaining popularity, and advanced users start playing only in those casinos that support this strategy.

Is the technology provably fair?

Many users often ask the question, are provably fair casinos legal? Of course, some online platforms offer users truly transparent games that give them the real opportunity to try their luck.

At the same time, scammers often operate on the network, actively take advantage of the incompetence of newcomers. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for a user without experience to recognize a real system as provably fair.

Malefactors only hang up a label provably fair because of what trust to their sites essentially increases. But this leads to illegal debiting of money and constant losses for users since a completely different algorithm is often hidden behind this inscription.

How secure are Provably Fair Casinos from hacking?

Although as secure as Provably Fair Casinos uses advanced copying systems, these sites are often subject to cyberattacks. Here the evil work is shredded by the same transparency. On the one hand, players can see transactions, but on the other hand, such openness often gives hackers a direct path to the accounts of other users.

However, blockchain technology comes to the rescue here, since the decentralized processing of each command eliminates code copying, and it cannot be quickly picked up even by the most experienced cracker. The protection technology of such online casinos is very similar to the security measures taken by the owners of cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Experienced users often say that only Provably Fair Casinos guarantee random winnings, and this small number of specialized sites are the only places where beginners and professionals can try their luck without the intervention of operators.

At the same time, beginners should be aware that no gambling game is subject to strict linear mathematics’ depending on formulas and graphics, and the real chances of winning depend only on the theory of probability, which often leads to huge losses of funds.