Beautiful photos of Hagar Obeng, the Fire Service lady who died in an accident

A fire service officer has met her untimely death after she had an accident with a motorbike she was using.

The adorable Fire Service officer according to the reports is recognized as Hagar Obeng. She is said to have died through a motor accident on Tuesday 22nd October 2019.

Hagar was recruited into the National Fire Service just 3 months ago after being Jobless a couple of years now.

She was stationed at Techiman Fire Service. She had been enjoying her off days and was to report to duty on the 23rd of October, 2109.

But Hagar had an emergency and went to the office to seek permission to be off yesterday 23rd October, 2019 in order to visit Kumasi.

Hagar went to the office with her younger sister and left the place on a motorbike with her younger sibling. Just after she entered the main street leading to the Techiman main road, Hagar was reported to have crashed with tricycle popularly known as Pragya.

Upon falling to the ground, which was the main road, a speeding vehicle drove over her killing her instantly. Below are some of her adorable pictures