Authorities are ready to return fugitive prisoner Casey White to Alabama after a lengthy manhunt.

The Sheriff of Lauderdale County, Alabama, Rick Singleton, has stated that he hopes to have Casey White back in Alabama within the next few days.

As a result of his capture in Indiana on Monday, along with the corrections officer who allegedly assisted him in his escape, authorities in Alabama are preparing to begin the process of extraditing murder suspect and convicted criminal Casey White back to Lauderdale County, where he was born and raised.


In an interview with The News God, Sheriff Rick Singleton of Lauderdale County, Florida, stated that he hopes to return to his home state of Alabama within the next few days. Currently, there is an extradition mechanism in place, but Singleton has stated that he is willing to waive it. If he does not want to go through the governor’s office, this procedure might take anything from a few days to several weeks.