Are there monkeys in NPP? – Captain Smart fires

Broadcaster Godsbrain Smart, affectionately called Captain Smart, appears to be ‘sick and tired’ of constant efforts by some people linking him to one political party or the other as he has fumed with rage in that regard.


The vociferous Adom FM morning show host who has been aligned with the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) wondered if he had no right to belong to a political party of his choice, without admitting he is a card-bearing member of any.


“Are there monkeys in NPP? If I’m NDC, are members of NDC monkeys?” he jabbed on his show, Thursday.


The firebrand has on countless occasions lashed out at the two leading political parties in the country for failing to do the needful.


In April this year, for instance, he, among other things, posited that both NDC and NPP are confused.


“The current government is confused but the opposition is super confused so we do not even know where we are heading. It is confusion everywhere,” he said.


“We have not had that government with the political will that will say someone has taken resources of the state and will jail the person. These are the ingredients for youth uprising because one day if they become impatient, they will hit the streets in protest.


“People are spending resources of the state and the best they get is a transfer to another place. You have done virtually nothing because he will engage in the same act at his new place.”


Captain Smart is also on record to have stated in May 2019 that President Akufo-Addo, who in the lead up to the 2016 election was touted as incorruptible and assured Ghanaians of a tougher fight against corruption when voted into power, is losing the fight against corruption.


He said: “It looks as if this government is losing the battle against corruption. Ghanaians voted for this government overwhelmingly. I have repeatedly said that even my show contributed to the overwhelming endorsement because we hammered on corrupt practices that characterised the previous administration”


“If you closely monitor this government, you will realise that they are losing the fight. They just are not able to deal with the canker. There are reports upon reports and investigations upon investigations conducted by this government yet no one knows where these documents end up. With all respect to you, Nana Addo, you are the President.”