A group of fathers in Texas are suing the school district for breaching their First Amendment rights.

According Jeremy Story and Dustin Clark, who was jailed for exercising their First Amendment right to free speech, they were arrested on “false” charges by the district.

Two fathers from Texas were detained for allegedly disrupting school board meetings, and the Round Rock Independent School District and its agents have been accused of violating the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment in the process of their arrests.

According to one of the jailed fathers, Jeremy Story, who spoke to The News on Thursday, the “overarching trend is a conspiracy among many of them to restrict and restrain the civil rights of those that they disagree with.” The story was quoted as saying this. They went to great lengths to achieve their ultimate objective, which was to hide the fact that they had engaged in unethical behavior.


As an illustration, they claimed that the board of directors, superintendent Hafedh Azaiez, and members of the school police force violated their rights under the First Amendment, the 14th Amendment, and Section 1983 of Title 42 of the United States Code. The school board has ruled that the hiring of Azaiez, the rise in taxes, and their arrests are all in violation of the Constitution.

Clark is a father of four who received his education at RRISD. Story’s seven children attend schools located outside of the district despite though the family lives in it.