Alleged Full Sex Video of Kevin Gates cheating on Dreka
Alleged Full Sex Video of Kevin Gates cheating on Dreka

Alleged Full Sex Video of Kevin Gates cheating on Dreka

Social Media is set ablaze as an alleged Full sex Video of Kelvin Gates shows him cheating on girlfriend Dreka in a doggy style.

The American rapper, Kevin Gates’ alleged sex tape has been leaked by an unknown Twitter user and setting Social Media ablaze.

Kelvin Gates has been publicly known for his relationship with Dreka, as to what spike the cheating is still unknown.

In a recent Instagram photo spotted by The News God leaves no trail of struggles in their relationship as Dreka captioned a photo of both “Can’t wait to get these pics back! “

Alleged Full Video of Kevin Gates cheating on Dreka
Kevin Gates and Girlfriend Dreka on Instagram

Kevin Gates’ Girlfriend Dreka is known for her beautiful smooth body with a one of the most curve shapes.

Kevin Gates alleged Full S3x Video was released on Twitter by an unknown person and uploaded to many S3x websites however we spotted this video on 24 hour legend’s Twitter handle.

The video leaves no resembles of the lady involved however, the various Tattoos of Kevin Gates body gives social media users the view that the victim of the alleged sex video the American Rapper. The Rapper and Dreka are yet to publicly confirm or deny whether or not he’s the person identified in the video.

Gates sex tape leak comes a few months after A$AP Rocky’s personal video was leaked online. Like Gates, Rocky was the butt of a few jokes on Twitter for not giving his full effort in the video. Rocky was able to laugh it off saying he has “a long line of satisfied women.”

Twitter has however taken down the video. You can view full video here: Watch Video

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