SAD: ACP Agordzor’s children weep bitterly after seeing their dad inside BNI cells

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Dr Benjamin Agordzor was on Tuesday 5th November, 2019, arrested and detained for his alleged involvement in a coup plot to overthrow the Akufo-Addo led administration but after his 17 year old daughter saw her Daddy inside BNI cells, she broke down in tears, can confirm.

The Director of Transformational Programme Office at the Police Service, was accused of communicating with the alleged coup plotters who the government said had been cooking an elaborate plan to destabilise the country.

At the BNI offices, ACP Agordzo was confronted with the messages from a group platform on WhatsApp in which he had allegedly advised members who were planning a demonstration to seek police permit.

However speaking in an interview monitored by, the wife of Dr Agordzor indicated that their children are traumatized after the incident with their 17 year old being afraid of losing her dad.

“She asked me, mum, will they kill my father?” Mrs Agordzor recalled.

“Our children didn’t know what to say when they saw their father on Tuesday. They are so down that they cannot utter a word with the guys crying like girls. The girls who are also in school called and began asking questions if their dad is going to be killed…It is very sad.” She added.

They’re treating me as if I’m not a human but my God is Alive’ – ACP Agordzor

Dr Benjamin Agordzor has sadly recounted how has been unfairly treated by the Bereau of National Investigation Operative BNI after it was alleged that he is a prime suspect in the coup plot to overthrow the Akufo-Addo led administration and was invited for questioning but believes his God is Alive and will see him through.

According to to ACP Agordzor, the exercise “is a kind of intimidation” as other police persons invited over the same WhatsApp messages have been allowed to go.“… … That is the way I look at it. Because I don’t see how they can stand on WhatsApp messages and start persecuting somebody. You keep the person in custody [but] all who were invited concerning those WhatsApp messages have all been discharged.” he said.