8 Tips to Remember While Travelling by Road in Germany!

Are you an adventurous person? Then, you must plan a road trip for Germany on your travel list.  Germany has perfectly curated, well-maintained roads and in addition the hospitality of the people will make you feel welcomed. The spectacular scenery, lush forests, and amazing regional, urban roads make the whole experience far more memorable. Especially, when you have your dream car to drive which can be booked from Kfzteile24 car autoparts manufacturer at discounted price using Kfzteile24 gutscheincode(discount code).

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It’s easier than you may think to drive around Germany with the help of driving rules, tips, and tricks. Let’s take a deep dive in some of the information!

1. The Areas Where Slow Means Slow:

One might think that speeding is acceptable in German, but that isn’t true. If you want to avoid getting any speeding tickets than you should slow down in specific areas of the city. These urban areas are densely populated with multiple school zones and hospital areas.

Therefore, you are expected to drive slower in town around these places. You have to keep your speed between 15 mph to 30 mph. As long as you are following the driving rules, you won’t pop up on the radar. On the highway, one can increase their speed but never to surpass the speeding limit.

2. No International Driving Permit Required:

The Germany International Driving laws are not complicated. The laws are quite basic, since they receive a large number tourists, they have made their regulations a lot easier for them to follow. Of course, there are some mandatory requirements to drive around Germany but nothing that would put a break to your trip.

Yes, they do recognize the international driving permit yet you are supposed to present it at different stations. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have an international driving permit.

3. Don’t Forget Winter Tires:

It is one of the most recent as well as important requirements by the German government. The rule has to be implemented around winter, particularly the snowfall season. As snowfalls are fairly frequent in the winters around Germany.

 Since, the normal temperature around winters drops below 2/3 degrees Celsius in the region of the west and the north. In Bavaria, the average temperature goes to 0 degree Celsius.

In short, it all depends on the time of year, you are traveling. If you are traveling around winter then you have to follow these rules otherwise you don’t have to follow these rules in the summer.

The rules are quite simple and it is known as ‘situational obligation’ commonly. The drivers are expected to change the tires to winter tires during the winter season. However, if the weather is warm enough and you are traveling during summer then there is no need for ‘situational obligation’.

4. Don’t Drive in the Right Lane:

If you are driving around in Germany, remember that the right lane is not your lane. It’s illegal to cross a vehicle on the right. Make sure you remember that the left lane is for passing.

The one and only way you can go the right lane is when the traffic is moving slowly. Other than that, you now know which lane to stay in.

5. Say No to Drinking While Driving:

You may have heard and seen that Germans are fond of their beers. But they don’t drink and drive, you cannot drink and drive in Germany as well as it is against the driving rules. If you are caught drinking and driving, you’d have to pay fines that can go up to 500 Euros. 

As a tourist in a foreign country make sure you aren’t doing anything illegal. There is also a chance that you would get detained by the prosecutor.

6. The Penalties:

The spot-on fines are one of the common practices done by German police. No one wants to put a break to all the fun therefore make sure you follow all the driving rules.

The fines on the spot could get to €55 which are handed over right away. If you are caught violating traffic regulations by any means, you would have to pay the fine.

Just be careful not to get yourself into any legal issues. Enjoy your wonderful trip with your family or friends while following all the driving rules and regulations.

7. Remember the Word: Ausfahrt.

On that note, remember this word: Ausfahrt. No, it’s not a call to help butit simply means EXIT.


If you are on the highway and need to take an exit for a reststop, look for the sign Ausfahrt. This sign will save you from tons of missed turns. Therefore take the Ausfahrt and stay clear from getting lost.

8. Always Keep Your Auto Parts Checked:

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