Travel Destinations with the Best Cuisine

What makes a great travel destination? The answer depends on who you ask. Some travelers are looking for adventure, while others want nature or culture. What do all these places have in common? Great food. That’s why the best travel destinations have local cuisine that’s unique to each area. Read on to discover some of the most popular foodie vacation spots around the globe.

From the best street food in Paris to the best cheese plate in Switzerland, every country has its top culinary destinations. From fine dining restaurants to roadside taco stands, here are our recommendations for the best foodie trips around the world.

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Travel Destinations with the Best Cuisine

1. France

France offers up both Haute gastronomy and sweet treats like macarons. So if sweets are more your style, head to the Loire Valley where they serve up a feast of chocolates, pastries, and crepes. If you prefer savory fare, make your way south towards Bordeaux. Here, the chefs use fresh produce, bold spices, and wine to create classic French cuisine.

Head further down to Provence for excellent paella, stews, and rich olive oil cake. And for the ultimate taste sensation, don’t miss out on sampling the region’s delectable goat cheeses as well as lavender honey and saffron ice cream!

2. Singapore

This tiny island nation known for its exuberant street food scene is also a haven for those seeking refined Asian cuisine. You’ll find Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian—even Japanese kitchens in this Southeast Asian metropolis. Head to Little India, which boasts an incredible selection of specialty eateries, including spicier curry houses that wok traditional dishes alongside modern creations.

When it comes to dessert, choose from sticky laksa cakes, chewy kuehs (Malay rice cakes), and even mango porridge. Then, wash everything down with an original Tiger beer!

3. Italy

Italy offers up some of the tastiest pasta dishes, so you won’t be disappointed when you visit the peninsula or other areas with casino games. But there’s much more to this country than just al dente strands and tangy tomato sauces. Take a tour of Italy’s regional cuisines through Piedmont, Tuscany, Venice, and Puglia, then finish off your meal with tiramisu, chocolate-dipped fruits, or warm walnut biscuits.

4. Vietnam

If you love spicy food, Vietnam should be at the top of your list. Tourists flock here to experience pho and bun cha, mouthwatering central Vietnamese dishes made with pig’s blood. If you aren’t brave enough for meats, check out the variety of seafood and vegetarian offerings instead.