8 important aspects to consider when looking for a solicitor 

8 important aspects to consider when looking for a solicitor 

From making real estate transactions or filing for divorce to making a will or going through a lawsuit, there are many circumstances in which you might require the help of a solicitor. Having proper legal support is vital in any of these situations if you want to get your legal affairs in order as quickly and easily as possible. The right solicitor can make your life infinitely easier and provide peace of mind.

However, choosing a solicitor to handle your legal matters or represent you in court can be a bit trickier than expected. Unless you’ve already worked with a solicitor in the past and you were satisfied with the services he provided, you’ll have some searching to do in order to find a legal professional who can meet your needs. 

So, if you’re currently looking for a solicitor to provide legal guidance and support, there are a few aspects to keep in mind that can make the process a bit smoother. Here are the things you should focus on if you want to make a wise decision. 

Recommendations from friends and family

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get the names of a few good solicitors is to ask your friends and family members for recommendations. Chances are someone in your family or your close circle of friends needed a solicitor at one point in their lives and you can trust them to provide reliable advice and suggestions whenever you need it. Unlike ads or marketing agencies, the people close to you have your best interest at heart, so they can be a good source of information in these situations. 

Reviews from former clients 

If none of your friends or family can help, you can always turn to the internet for guidance. You can either check the websites of law firms and read reviews from their former clients or go to other online resources such as Review of Solicitors where people share their experiences with different law firms and solicitors. However, you should examine reviews with a critical eye, as some of them may be biased in favour of the law firm. This is more likely to happen with reviews on the law firm’s site than with those posted on consumer review websites. 

Field of expertise 

Ideally, a solicitor would be able to take on any type of case and handle all sorts of legal issues for their clients, but in reality, things are a little bit different. Most solicitors specialize in a certain area of the law, even though their knowledge may expand beyond it. You don’t want to hire a solicitor that is a jack of all trades, as they might not have the skills to provide the services you require. Instead, search for a solicitor who is specialized in the right practice area, especially if your case is complex and you need someone who is an expert in the field to help you out. 


Working with a knowledgeable and skilled solicitor is extremely important for the success of your case, but so is choosing a legal professional who has the necessary credentials to provide legal guidance. Unfortunately, there are certain persons out there who pretend to be solicitors in order to scam people. 

That’s why you have to check the qualifications of the solicitors you’re considering working with before you sign any type of agreement. You can find information about a solicitor’s license by going online and accessing the state bar website. You’ll also find information about their track record here to help you choose a solicitor with a clean disciplinary history.   


Credentials and specialization may play an essential role in finding a good solicitor, but they’re not the only factors to take into account. Experience is also vital in the legal field. A solicitor who has years of experience under his belt and has solved numerous cases similar to yours over the course of time is definitely more suited to provide advice on legal issues than a novice solicitor. They are more skilled in navigating the legal system and better prepared to handle complicated cases. Depending on the complexity of your case, you should choose a solicitor with the right level of experience to represent you.  


There are several variables that come into play when determining the cost for legal services, such as the size and reputation of the law firm, the experience of the solicitor, or the particularities of the legal issue that you need them to handle. You have to be aware of all these elements when deciding which solicitor you want to hire. Going for a big law firm to help you with some basic legal procedures might not make sense, so the smartest thing to do is assess your needs and your budget, and choose a solicitor accordingly. 


location is an aspect that many people don’t think about when choosing a solicitor, but it’s something that can actually make a big difference. Even though smartphones and the internet have made it easier than ever for people to connect with their legal representatives, it’s still important to be able to meet with your solicitor in person to discuss more sensitive issues. This might not be an option if your solicitor lives far away and you can only reach him with great difficulty. Looking for a solicitor in your area is a much better choice.  


Last but not least, you have to pay attention to the way you interact with a solicitor and the approach he has in handling legal matters. If a solicitor seems dismissive and you can’t seem to communicate effectively, it’s best to find someone else to represent you. In many situations, working with a solicitor implies close collaboration, so you have to choose someone who is a good communicator and who you’re comfortable with if you want everything to work out as expected. Trust and respect should also be part of the deal when selecting a solicitor. 

Now that you know which aspects you should focus on, you have much better chances of finding a solicitor that is the right fit for you.