7 Tips on Buying Hookahs Online for New Users

You’ve had a long week, and you’re looking for a way to relax your mind. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a hookah waiting for you at home?

You should look into buying hookahs online. You can find hookahs at an affordable price. You can also find high-quality hookahs that are better than anything you’ll find at your favorite hookah bar.

But how do you go about buying hookahs online? How do you find the best hookah for your needs?

We’ve got everything you need to know below, so read on!

1. Find a Great Retailer

The first step is to find a great online retailer for selling hookahs. It’s best to choose one that focuses solely on selling hookahs, such as hookah-shisha.com.

These retailers will offer a wide array of hookahs. They’ll also have an ample supply of hookahs, so you won’t have to worry about them selling out.

The customer service agents of these retailers will also understand hookahs more than general retailers. They’ll be able to help you decide which hookah is the ideal purchase for you.

2. Read Reviews

The next step is to read online customer reviews for every hookah that you find interesting.

You want to choose a hookah that has consistently positive reviews. For example, let’s suppose the retailer uses a star system to rate hookahs. You want to choose a hookah that has an average of four to five stars.

You also want to make sure that the positive reviews are recent. If the reviews are positive but are over one year old, it’s best to skip this hookah altogether.

Make sure that the reviews offer details on the product. The reviewer should discuss the experience of smoking hookah in their review. If you see consistent, detailed reviews, then this is a hookah you should consider.

3. Choose a Traditional Hookah

If you really want to enjoy smoking hookah, you’ve got to buy a traditional hookah.

Many modern hookahs are mass-produced in China. While you can find a great hookah made from China, it won’t be traditional.

You want to choose a hookah that has a Middle Eastern origin. If they’re from Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, or elsewhere in the Arab world, they’re authentic.

These traditional hookahs will have an antique look. They’re not just great for smoking, but they’re works of art to enjoy. These hookahs are usually made of sturdier materials such as brass or steel.

4. How Many Hoses?

One of the best parts of buying hookahs online is that you can choose the number of hoses you want.

You can choose one hose if you plan on keeping the hookah for yourself. If you want to invite the company over, you can buy a hookah with up to four hoses. If you’re going to start your own hookah bar, you’ll want many hoses as well.

When you shop online, you can often find the same hookah and choose the number of hoses that you want.

5. Read the Product Description

Make sure you read the product description before adding any hookahs to your shopping cart.

For example, does it state the height of the hookah? Does it include information on all the material used to make the hookah?

You want to buy a hookah that has a detailed product description. This shows that the online retailer wants to inform you about the hookah as much as possible.

This shows that they aren’t desperate to sell you a hookah as fast as possible. They want you to understand each hookah and compare them before you choose one to buy.

6. Pricing

When comparing hookah prices, you want to decide upon your budget. Remember, cheap hookahs don’t exist.

If you do, you’ll end up with a mediocre hookah that you’ll want to return right away! You should expect to pay at least $100 for a great hookah. You can, however, find great hookahs for less than $100 when on sale.

You also want to make sure you don’t get overcharged for a hookah. For example, you shouldn’t pay $1,000 for a hookah that has less than an average of four stars.

You also need to look at shipping costs. A credible online retailer will offer different shipping options. You can pay extra for expedited shipping, but you shouldn’t ever get overcharged on shipping.

Some retailers will offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money or buy a specified number of hookahs. Take your time to compare hookah prices before you decide to buy your hookah.

7. Assess the Customer Service

The final step is to assess the retailer’s customer service. As discussed in the first point, you can expect excellent customer service if you choose a hookah retailer.

Your retailer should have a variety of options to contact customer service. The first should be an FAQ page where you can learn about the basics of buying hookahs online. The FAQ page should also outline the retailer’s policies.

There should also be an email address that you can write to. At best, there should also be a phone number or live chat option.

Before you buy your hookah online, you want to speak to a customer service agent. Ask them about how to choose a great hookah. You can also ask them questions about specific hookahs that you’ve got your eye on.

Use this as an opportunity to assess the quality of the customer service.

If the customer service agents are helpful, you should buy from this retailer. If the customer service agent wants to end the conversation as fast as possible, avoid this retailer.

You want to choose a retailer who cares about selling a quality product. You want to avoid a retailer that wants to sell quickly without caring about customer satisfaction.

Start Buying Hookahs Online

Now that you know the guidelines on buying hookahs online, you can choose the right hookahs for your needs.

Make sure you find a great retailer and read the reviews before you choose your hookah. You want to make sure you choose a traditional hookah made from brass or steel.

Don’t go cheap on the price, or you’ll end up with a mediocre hookah. While you’re at it, why not get an extra hose to enjoy with a friend?

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