7 Things To Know About The Philippines

7 Things To Know About The Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia that is made of nearly 7,000 islands. Known for its lush green landscapes and rich historical heritage, most people easily associate the Philippines with beautiful beaches and green jungles. However, there is much more to this beautiful country than that. Here are seven things that you might not know about the Philippines.

The Land of Upcycled Jeepneys

This custom harks back from the Second World War and the development of the jeep motor vehicle for use by the US military. The Philippines saw a large number of US troops during World War II and one thing that was introduced to this country was the jeep. After the war, these jeeps were converted into public transport and over the years, the humble jeep has been upcycled into a colorful means of public transport. These upcycled jeeps are the most popular means of transport in the Philippines with loud colors and stylish designs. If you are visiting the country and looking for a unique experience, take a ride in one of these.

Oldest Chinatown

In the suburb of Binondo in the capital city, Manila is the world’s oldest Chinatown. Established in 1594, it is a delightful blend of Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino cuisine culture. From noodles to mongo hopia, tantalize your taste buds with this unique fusion of Southeast Asia, the Far East, and Europe that comes together in Binondo’s Chinatown.

Beauty Pageants Are Big

While beauty pageants are usually treated as entertainment in other countries, not so in the Philippines. In this Southeast Asian nation, beauty pageants are big and televised shows are followed by a huge number of viewers across the country. Little surprise therefore that the Philippines has produced two winners for the Miss Universe pageant, one winner for the Miss World pageant and six winners for the Miss International pageant.

Incredible Rice Terraces

Seemingly carved into hillsides in beautiful wavy terraces, these amazing rice terraces date back nearly 2,000 years ago and have survived till now. Because they are set up in near-inaccessible mountain terrain, none of the numerous invaders who have marched through the Philippines managed to destroy these beautiful farmlands leaving them intact.

Lots Of Volcanoes

One of the unique features of the Philippines is the number of volcanoes in the area. So numerous are their volcanoes that one province called Camiguin has the distinction of having the world’s greatest number of volcanoes per square kilometer. Luckily for the region though, it has been decades since the last volcano in the province erupted.

They Love Their Coconuts

The Philippines is the largest producer of coconuts in the world. Every year, they export nearly 20 million tons of coconuts (2010 figures). It is probably safe to say that one of the things that is in plenty in the Philippines is coconut fruit.

They Have Giant Shoes

It seems an odd thing to have but the province of Marikina in the Philippines boasts of having the largest pair of shoes in the world. These giant shoes are 17 feet long and 8 feet wide. They were built to celebrate the shoe-making industries of Marikina.

These are some of the unique attributes of this beautiful country. Be sure to check out some of the features that we have talked about here.