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7 Teeth Whitening Tips That Really Work

More than half of American adults feel insecure about their teeth. In fact, 62% close their mouths when they laugh. The majority of these people wish they could whiten their teeth.

Learning how to whiten teeth could give your confidence the boost it needs! Here are seven teeth whitening tips you can try today.

With these tips, you can maintain perfectly white teeth and a stunning smile!

Get started with these tips today.

1. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular ingredient in commercial toothpaste. It’s a mild abrasive with natural whitening properties. Baking soda could scrub away surface stains, allowing you to accomplish perfectly white teeth.

As you use these teeth whitening tips, maintain realistic expectations. Try more than one method to determine what works best for you.

2. Try Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a natural bleaching agent. It’s often used in commercial whitening products. It could kill the bacteria in your mouth to whiten your teeth.

In fact, using commercial toothpaste that contains baking soda and peroxide twice a day could lead to 62% whiter teeth.

3. Consider Oil Pulling

Oil pulling could improve your oral hygiene while removing toxins from your body.

This method involves using sunflower, coconut, or another oil to remove bacteria. You can swish the oil in your mouth to keep plaque-causing bacteria at bay.

Removing bacteria from your mouth could keep your teeth from looking yellow.

Consider using coconut oil, which is high in lauric acid. Lauric acid can reduce inflammation and kill bacteria. It could reduce your risk of gingivitis, too.

With oil pulling, you could accomplish healthy teeth and gums.

4. Prevent Future Stains

Try to prevent stains before they impact your teeth.

First, limit your intake of dark berries, red wine, and coffee.

Avoid smoking and chewing tobacco, too. Otherwise, try to cut back on your sugar intake.

5. Adjust Your Diet

Fruits and vegetables can rub plaque off your teeth as you chew.

Try adding more strawberries and pineapple to your diet. These fruits could help whiten your teeth. The malic acid in strawberries might remove discoloration.

You can also add more calcium to your diet to strengthen your enamel. Try foods like cheese, milk, and broccoli.

6. Maintain Proper Hygiene

As you use these teeth whitening tips, don’t neglect the basics. Keep up with brushing and flossing your teeth.

Proper oral hygiene can prevent plaque buildup to limit discoloration.

7. Consult a Pro

Consider visiting your local dentist to learn how to whiten teeth. They can help you review your treatment options. They’ll help you determine the best course of action for perfectly white teeth.

Make sure to vet your options before choosing a good dentist. Here’s what to consider before choosing a dentist in the area. With these tips, you can have confidence in your choice.

Cheesy Grins: 7 Simple Teeth Whitening Tips for a Brighter Smile

Using these teeth whitening tips can brighten your beautiful smile. Don’t let discoloration impact your self-esteem. Instead, learn how to get better teeth with these tips today.

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