7 Reasons to Book Escape Room Today

Are you looking for fun family activities or a new idea for date night? Do you want some kind of engaging activity for your employees for better teambuilding?

You should try to book escape room activities!

These are rooms where the participants get locked inside and have to solve a series of puzzles or riddles to get out. Every item in the room could be a clue and it’ll take everyone’s participation to escape.

But why pick an escape room over any other kind of outing? We’ve got seven reasons for you to consider below. Read our list here to find out why an escape room could be the fun activity you’re looking for:

1. Break the Ice

Is this the first time your employees will get together? Is it your first date night and you’re still getting to know each other?

Small talk isn’t easy and breaking the ice can seem awkward at times. This is why you should book escape room activities when possible. They eliminate the need for small talk and immediately get people working together.

A good escape room will encourage people to communicate, figure puzzles out, and work together even if it’s their first time together. There won’t be awkward silences or wasted time figuring out what to talk about.

They’re great for a first date too!

People often feel shy or nervous during a first date, even if the couple going out has been friends for a while. Getting into an escape room can be a good way to ease the tension and get the couple comfortable with their new relationship paradigm.

2. It’s All About Cooperative Communication

Unlike other games, escape rooms require you to join forces and work together. There’s no time to argue. There’s no reason to stay quiet when every suggestion could aid in solving the puzzles.

Remember that the goal of an escape room is to solve each puzzle and escape the area. Every team member has to speak up, contribute, and work together to achieve those goals. There isn’t any task that requires people to compete against each other.

Competitive games can seem fine at first but they make people argue and disagree on things. Cooperative games encourage a positive mood and get people, even strangers, to solve problems together.

This quality makes escape rooms perfect for a first date or employee teambuilding.

3. Amazing Teambuilding Experience

Escape rooms make for the perfect employee or family activities, even if it’s their first time to meet or if they haven’t been together in a while. You can rely on a good escape room to truly get people to understand each other’s skills and talents.

Each employee will be able to showcase their special skills. Perhaps one has good memorization, another can solve visual puzzles, and another has great mathematical abilities. Each of these specialties can work in unison to solve different puzzles and help the team escape.

Doing this will allow others to discover their co-workers’ specialties and talents. You might discover something new about the people you hire or the relatives you don’t spend time with.

4. Fun For the Whole Family

Some escape rooms feature adult themes but for the most part, you can expect obstacles designed for the whole family.

For example, your first puzzle might require opening a locked treasure box. To solve it, you might have to follow a series of riddles to locate the key. Locating the key and opening the box reveals a piece of paper inside with a clue to the next puzzle.

Young kids to retired elders can participate to solve these hurdles. Nothing is ever too difficult or too obscure. No puzzle is unsolvable and most escape rooms ensure you only have to tackle one puzzle at a time.

5. Great for the Brain

Every escape room requires critical thinking. To escape, you have to solve a series of puzzles and riddles. You need to scour every item in the room to hunt down clues or items you could use to resolve the current obstacle.

That level of brain activity is healthy and it encourages people to think outside the box. Some schools even use virtual escape rooms to evaluate students.

Are your kids, employees, or friends spending too much time on their phones? Do they spend too much time on social media or the online world? Yank them back into the real world and get their brains working by booking an escape room now.

6. Safe Adrenaline Rush

Everyone can enjoy a fun adrenaline rush. That’s why people ride rollercoasters, go bungee jumping, parachute jumping, or try mixed martial arts.

However, these activities aren’t safe for everyone. Escape rooms, on the other hand, offer a similar rush of adrenaline but now in a controlled and safe environment. They make for safer adventures for the whole family.

For example, The Wizard’s Lair is one such escape room in Wales. In this scenario, Merlin has gone mad, and you mistakenly stumble upon one of his magic spells that mysteriously lock you inside the tower. You and your team have only 60-minutes to solve puzzles and get out of the tower. Failing to complete the task within the given time limits results in failure, and we all know what crazy Merlin can do. Just kidding, all the puzzles of the Wizards Lair pass the tests of player safety.

7. Unique and Memorable

Don’t let your special night go uneventful. It might be the only chance you get to spend time with the people important to you.

Whether you’re planning something for a date, for the family, or corporate events, the goal is to make the event unique and memorable. You want people to go home with memories to cherish.

If it’s your first time in Gatlinburg, for example, you’ll want to book an activity that’ll make your stay memorable. Check out an escape room Gatlinburg offers and make it the standout moment in your vacation or trip.

Book Escape Room Activities Today

Escape rooms offer an adrenaline rush, they break the ice, and they’re good ways to build communication and enable teambuilding. Whether you’re looking for an outing for your family, friends, or co-workers, you can’t go wrong when you book escape room activities.

But don’t stop here when there’s more to discover.

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