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Top 5 Health Benefits of Group Running

A Stanford study shows us that working together increases intrinsic motivation, productivity, and enjoyment of activities we take part in.

This is particularly true when it comes to exercise. If you’ve been trying to start running on your own but you’re failing, you might want to think about group running. We’re going to look at the benefits of joining a running group today, giving you the insight you need to get out there and get fit.

Let’s get started.

1. Running Health Benefits

There are so many benefits of running that researchers are still finding more all of the time. Cardiovascular exercise works miracles for your brain, body, and longevity. For example, the American College of Cardiology claims that running could reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease by 45 percent or more.

Running also improves your mental health by offering up stress-relieving endorphins, resetting your normal dopamine production, and leading to boosts in self-image and mood. The list goes on.

2. Accountability Buddies

Having people who depend on you for their run is extremely helpful. Just think of the morning you wake up feeling like a lazy slug. If you had nobody holding you accountable, odds are you’d just roll over and go back to bed.

Then, you’d skip the next day because you’d lost your momentum. Then the next. A couple of years later, you might start working up the motivation to jog again.

3. Safety Benefits

A big concern for a lot of joggers is the fact that they’re alone, often early in the morning or late at night. Regardless of where you live, jogging puts you at risk.

While a lone target might draw some attention from those looking to commit crimes, a group of joggers is the last thing they’ll want to engage with. You’ve got numbers on your side to keep you safe.

4. Motivation During Your Jog

You’ll get more out of your run when you take it with others. It’s easy to slow your pace and catch your breath when nobody’s watching. If you’re really looking to improve your health and dedicate yourself, though, persistence and pace are key.

The people in your group hold each other up and maintain a solid pace. The last thing anyone wants to do is slow the pace of the group, so you can bet that you’ll have a consistent jog every time you go out.

5. A Healthy Community

How many of us have relationships that are based on drinking and eating out? We tend to do unhealthy things with our close friends, and that’s okay sometimes, but it’s important to have healthy relationships as well.

Your running group will be another extension of your social life, one that lifts you up and makes you feel great. The first step on your journey should be finding the right pair of shoes. Take a look at St Pete Running Company gear to find your perfect fit.

Interested in Group Running?

Hopefully, our look at group running was useful to you. There are more benefits of joining a run group to explore if you’re interested, though. We’re here to help inspire you with more healthy ideas.

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