Illustration of teeth showing dental implant structure

7 Awesome Benefits of Dental Implants

It might surprise you to learn that approximately 500 thousand more Americans receive dental implants each year. In fact, tens of millions of Americans have at least one or more broken or missing teeth. Many people are even growing to prefer dental implants, as they offer certain special advantages over alternatives like dentures and bridges.

Perhaps you yourself are considering getting dental implants. If so, you are by no means alone, and are likely doing your research to make as informed of a decision as you can. Here are seven important benefits of dental implants that you should be familiar with.

1. Greater Comfort

Because they are rooted into your jaw, dental implants are designed to feel like real teeth. Once you heal after getting dental implants and healing, your implants will feel firmly locked into your jaw, so much so that you will likely forget they’re even there.

2. More Natural Look

In addition to feeling like your natural teeth, your dental implants will more closely match the teeth surrounding them. Before the dental implant procedure, your dentist will make sure that the implants match your teeth’s natural color.

3. Prevent Bone Loss

After you lose a tooth, your body grows over its former place on your jaw, leaving the space appearing less full and changing the shape of your face. By using titanium rods, dental implants simulate roots, keeping your jawbones from diminishing.

4. Easy To Maintain

Types of dental implants that are capped with a crown require very little additional effort to maintain. All you need to do is brush twice and floss once daily, as you already should be doing.

5. Durable

Arguably the greatest appeal of dental implants is that they are designed to last a lifetime. Throughout all their daily use, they should only require a new crown about once every fifteen years.

6. Easier To Speak

Missing teeth, as well as other replacements like dentures, can often make it harder to speak clearly. As previously said, dental implants function like real teeth, fill bothersome gaps and allowing you to speak more comfortably.

7. One of the Simplest Benefits of Dental Implants: No Slippage

A key drawback of dentures is that they can sometimes leave their users feeling more self-conscious when speaking or eating, as they tend to slip and come loose with use. With dental implants, there is no risk of any such awkward or embarrassing movement.

Of course, when in the market for the best dental implants, you should take your time and do your research to choose the best dentist for the job.

Stay Informed and Stay Healthy

Now that you know the key benefits of dental implants, there’s no reason your path to optimal oral health should end there. Staying informed on the latest dental advancements is the first step in making the best decisions for your teeth.

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