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What Are the Common Types of Meditation?

Less than 15 percent of people in the United States use meditation techniques to improve their lives.

Meditation is becoming more popular as people are discovering the various methods and benefits.

If you want to heal yourself from the inside out, meditation will be able to help you.

Continue reading to discover the most common types of meditation that you can use to find peace!


One of the most popular types of meditation that people try focuses on mindfulness.

Mindfulness meditation comes from Buddhist practices and is most commonly seen in the Western part of the United States. Mindfulness meditation involves paying attention to your thoughts as they go through your mind. Instead of worrying about these thoughts, however, you just observe them.

Taking note of patterns in your thoughts can help you become aware of issues that are truly bothering you. It can also shed light on what makes you happy and fulfilled.


Many religions have used spiritual meditation to help grow a deeper connection to God or the Universe.

Learning how to meditate spiritually will involve reflection and silence. Many people use frankincense, myrrh, and sage to help grow their connection and find peace. Whether you are at home or in a place of worship, this meditation technique can be used.

Finding a stronger connection with spirituality is one of the largest benefits of meditation.


If you have ever utilized grounding techniques, then you are practicing focused meditation.

Focused meditation involves using your five senses. By hearing, tasting, feeling, smelling, or seeing you can focus on internal aspects. Most people focus on their breathing and help control each breath that they take in and how it improves the body and mind.

Other meditation techniques that involve focusing are counting mala beads and listening to a gong.


If focused meditation seems a bit intense for you, you might want to consider trying movement meditation.

Movement meditation is often thought of as practicing yoga, however, there are many forms. You can take walks, garden, or work through gentle forms of motion to meditate.

This type of meditation is recommended for those who have wandering minds. Focusing on each movement and breath will help center yourself and draw you closer to peace.

Progressive Relaxation

When it comes to relieving tension in the mind and body, meditation can be a strong tool.

Progressive relaxation is a type of meditation that involves tensing parts of your body and releasing the tension. This technique is commonly used when people are having panic attacks or struggling to remain calm.

By tensing the body and releasing it, you are relieving stress both mentally and physically. Many people imagine a wave washing over their bodies when they do this to improve results.

Types of Meditation You Should Consider

There are many types of meditation that people use to help stay focused and calm.

By utilizing this guide, you can discover which practices will work best for you, according to your needs. Depending on what you would like to focus on, there is an option that can benefit you. Meditation is one of the best ways to take control of your mind, body, and soul.

Don’t be afraid to try new forms of meditation, as one might have a stronger impact on another.

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