Why Small Breed Dogs Make for Good Gamer Pets

Why Small Breed Dogs Make for Good Gamer Pets

Gaming is seen as a sedentary activity, and yet it has seen some positive changes recently. Not all the changes have been technological, and one of these has been the trend for gamers to get in touch with the outdoors through their pets. But it is also obvious how games have shown how many gamers like animals and have started to include them in various games in positive ways. By making this association, it is reaffirmed that the relationship with pets is a good one and should be encouraged. It is, however, important to be mindful of the space you have, and as such, small breed dogs make the best gamer pets.

Dogs in games

It’s been noted that gamers prefer to pet dogs in games than to high-five a child or NPC (non-player character). This is why there has been a spate of recent dog inclusions in games that have not previously had petable animals. It is a bit of a craze, and Twitter accounts have sprung up sharing which games have petable dogs or dogs involved in computer games. Forums have also been established to share dog tips, and watching Youtube stars like DanTDM, who plays Minecraft with his pugs and is an avid dog lover, has become a popular pastime. With over 23 million subscribers, it’s no wonder the purchase of pugs went through the roof.

Taking a break

Getting a break from the seat and enjoying the fresh air and being outside is a critical part of being a professional gamer or someone who spends most of the day at a desk or gaming station. There are games like Madden NFL 21 that can take hours to complete once you are in them, which means hours spent in your seat. Furthermore, because they are a sports game, the gamer is left with a sense of having done something active. It is a double whammy; the body remains sedentary, and yet the brain believes that there has been a semblance of exercise and activity. Having a dog to take for a walk or just sharing the time indoors with them goes a long way to breaking the monotony and ensuring some outdoor time.

This is why the introduction of pets as a theme amongst those in the gaming community is trending at the right time. More people are communicating about rescue dogs, different dog breeds, and even games for your pets. The gaming sector is woke to the need to be more active, and the one way that this is happening at the moment is the movement towards pet and dog ownership.

For some, it may start virtually, and the idea of Talking Tom was a huge hit as many realized that the act of looking after a pet brought so much joy and fulfillment. But the numbers show that more people are moving into dog ownership than ever before, and a large number of these people are from the gaming community.

There are some risks associated with the rise in dog ownership, and many have said that the trend towards having a small indoor breed to spend time with as you game can lead to an increase in neglected pets. All you have to do is tune in to some of the most followed gamers online who have shown how this can work, and the risks are shown to be minimal as a pet; specifically, a small breed dog suits the gamer’s lifestyle.